Let the Triple Bypass be your gate-way drug.

On Jan 1st, 2010 I set an alarm next to my bed (I was already long asleep as New Year's Eve means nothing to me) to wake up and register for the Triple Bypass. Back then it was a pure lottery and I wanted the winning ticket. I got it and was soon training for my first big bike event. The East to West route of the Triple Bypass. Looking back it seems ages ago. Mostly because of just how far I've come on the bike since then.

The Triple Bypass was a gateway drug for me. I've never trained more meticulously in my life. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to finish. Now I look back and think that kind of mileage is no big deal. But it IS. This is one of the main reasons I encourage people to do this event. It was one of the best things I have done as a cyclist. If you have done it already, you know that it will open your eyes to just how far your body can take you on a bike. The scenery is simply amazing. I can't reiterate that enough. Every time you crest a hill (which is many) you'll not only be gasping for breath, but you'll be gasping from the beauty. Every time we drive into those mountains I now truly know where we are! All of it is linked to very special memories now. Memories like, "Hey, that's where I almost puked!", "Hey, that's when I topped out at 52 miles an hour on the decent and knew I loved speed!" "That's where my husband and I got into a fight because he said that I was intentionally riding 100 yards behind him so I refused to give him any more sunscreen or ibuprofen.". And perhaps my favorite: "That's where I realized that there were other women who ride their bikes!!!"

You don't have to be from Colorado to reap the benefits of the Triple. You out of state-er's can gain this experience and life-time advantage of skill and confidence. Check out what these two Texan's had to say about the Triple:

“As you know there is a significant endurance athletic culture here in Austin. The Triple Bypass is one of those epic, day long rides that is on a lot of cyclists 'to do' list. The difficulty of the terrain, the distance of the ride, and the sheer beauty of Colorado is what brings us back year after year. The trip up there is easy: a quick flight into Denver and then getting a friend to meet us at the finish line for a ride back is all it takes.The riding in Colorado is really good. Usually perfect weather with cool temperatures and sunny skies. Don't get me wrong, the riding in central Texas has its merits, but for long steep climbs with incredible views, Colorado can't be beat.”

-Chris Toriggino, Austin
Coach, founder of Athlete Architecture
We Build Endurance Athletes

"I love riding in Colorado and the Triple is enjoyable because it is easy to get to, a super challenging ride and extremely well organized. I did the reverse course this year and even liked it better…I am contemplating the double triple next year."

-Neil Bremner
Bike Barn
Houston, TX

THE DOUBLE TRIPLE!!!!! Hmmmmm. Sounds tempting, does it not? Check out their website to register! And ask yourself, "Do I Dare?"

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