2014 - Boulder Cup

The 9th annual Boulder Cup is back! The largest cyclocross race in the Rockies broke new barriers in 2013 by bringing the event back to the newly opened Valmont Bike Park. 3500 spectators, 850 racers, and almost 200 kid racers under 18 years of age set a state record! And you can count on it doing the same in 2014.

*Online race registration closes at 5pm Thursday, 09/11/14 MDT.



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Sunday, September 14, 2014



At the race yesterday and I

At the race yesterday and I had two questions (maybe three):

Why was J. Page dq'ed?

Why do so many of the riders appear unattached on the BRAC results? I was trying to figure out what team had the olive drab kits with the fighter plane shark mouth on the thigh. They're sponsored by Jamis, and there were a couple of them, so they're definitely not unattached.

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