Bailey Hundo Registration opened Friday!

On one of those frigid days a few weeks ago, I got a chance to sit down for hot cocoa with Bailey Hundo directors John Gerritsen and Andrew Goodwillie as well as a Hundo participant, Alvin Nordell. I discovered several things at this meeting. Most notably: this race is not for the faint of heart. There were stories of pain and suffering, (throwing up) and other stuff. BUT. All stories were told with huge smiles on faces. "Will you do it again?", I asked. "Of course!" They all chimed in. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. If the Hundo sounds too...hundo-ish, there IS an inagural 50 mile race (lovingly dubbed "The Hundito").

If you're new to the Hundo, you should know that it's an application process. (If you shuddered at that thought, don't worry). It's way easier than your college application (or your child's college application). The Hundo team wants to know all about you! Your endurance mountain bike racing experience, your willingness to help them with things like; getting kids on mountain bikes, developing new trails, raising funds and getting the word out about this amazing race!

Info. about the 2014 HUNDO:
The USFS has provided us with a permit to allow for 250 select riders to participate in the 5th annual HUNDO this year, as well as another 150 to participate in the inaugural 50 mile race. The 2014 Bailey HUNDO is a charity race- with a minimum of $250. There are generous prizes this year to be distributed among the top finishers and top fundraisers. All tax deductible donations -minus race costs- will be allocated to assist our kid and trail centric organizations and to support the Bailey Trails development project.

The 2014 course is just under 100 miles with over 10,000 vertical feet of climbing. The first half is primarily singletrack after 7 miles of dirt road to separate to riders before entering the Colorado Trail. After the descent to the river, the course has an asphalt stretch, then 40 more miles of dirt road crossing over Stoney Pass. You will receive a course map at packet pickup.

For more info, click away below to your heart's content. Lots of good stuff here. ("Lotta sap in here. Lotta sap.")

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