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If you’re new to the Colorado mountain bike scene or new to mountain biking, read further to get some information about races that you should set in your sights. The main events of these races are challenging enough to be your one-a-year type of goal, while the shorter versions offer less intimidating options to dip your feet into the racing waters. If you’ve been around the scene and haven’t heard the latest on the RME Series, read further as a reminder about your favorite races and provide some mid-winter stoke.

The Rocky Mountain Endurance Series, directed by Warriors Cycling, has become a staple on the Colorado mountain biking race calendar because of the quality courses, organized planning, information, and race days, and the great overall experience and atmosphere. Most of the current events are relatively new, as well as new to the series. Two of the 2013 planned races have been around for several years.

The Breckenridge 100 results date back to 2005. Because of the years it’s been around, the extreme nature of the race, and the difficulty, it’s maintained its role as the anchor of the series.
The Battle the Bear, which was known in previous years as the Front Range 50 and 60, is the second oldest race on the current 2013 schedule.

Warriors Cycling has bolstered the series for 2013 by increasing the number of events from five to eight. In 2012, the series consisted of the Voodoo Fire in Pueblo, Colorado, the Ridgeline Rampage in Castle Rock, Battle the Bear in Lakewood, the Breckenridge 100 in Breckenridge, and the PV Cycle Derby in Elbert. The proposed 2013 schedule drops the Voodoo Fire race and adds four brand new events, including a new Evolve Fat Tire Festival in Keystone. While there aren’t many details on this race, there was a similar event on the website last year that never happened. It included a two-day race event that would have tested riders in a night race the first day followed by a longer race the next day.

The following is the 2013 tentative schedule:

4/20 - Ridgeline Rampage, Castle Rock
?5/4 - Battle the Bear, Lakewood?
5/18 - Indian Creek, Sedalia ?
6/1 - PV Cycle Derby, Elbert
6/29-6/30 Evolve Fat Tire Festival, Keystone?
7/14 - Breckenridge 100, Breckenridge?
8/4 - Tahosa, Ward?
8/31-9/1 - Snake River, Keystone

Since four of the events are unknown at this point, we’ll review all the information currently available in this story and get you the remaining information as soon as it’s available. So please stay tuned to 303Cycling for all of your Rocky Mountain Endurance Series information.

The following are the most up-to-date details provided by I’ve taken their information and descriptions from the site and tried to update information based on what is known. I’ve also added some additional information into their event descriptions.

The Ridgeline Rampage
The Rampage start to the series is certain to be popular, especially among the Denver area racers. It has been a popular race since its addition to the series in 2011. The course is a tight, rolling 10-mile circuit through gambel oak and pinyon trees overlooking Castle Rock and Pikes Peak. The earlier start date will only increase racers enthusiasm to get out and race the Rampage after a long, dark winter.

Ridgeline Open Space, Bison Park, Meadows Subdivision, Castle Rock, CO
Event Details:
Saturday, May 4th.  No license required.  On-site Registration is available for a $10 fee.
This race day schedule is from 2012, therefore, it is subject to change:
• Marathon Race – 60 miles. Start 8:00 am.
• Half Marathon Race – 30 miles. Start 1:00 pm.
• Cross-country Sport – 20 miles.  Start 1:00 pm
• Cross-country Beginner – 10 miles.  Start 1:00 pm.
Tents for support crews can be set up along the course at the neutral feed zone. Team vehicles and sponsors can park in the expo parking lot.
Event Highlights:
Race #1 in the series. It includes four races throughout the day for all abilities - marathon, half marathon, and cross-country races.  The newly designed 10-mile circuit was constructed in 2011 on the hills overlooking the town of Castle Rock, as well as Pikes Peak. The neutral aid station every lap provides excellent spectator opportunities and fast racing action. Highlights of the race include the Oskar Blues awards ceremony, the team and sponsor expo, and the free Kids Zone featuring the world championship Warriors kid’s race.
Shake out the legs with the entire family at this exciting venue!

Battle the Bear

The second stop of the 2013 series, this race provides racers a relatively non-technical, high-speed, power course that winds around the beautiful Bear Creek Park in Lakewood. The 2012 race was rescheduled due to rain, which caused many to miss the race, making it a target for many racers in 2013!

The following are the most up-to-date details provided by

Event Details:

Saturday May 4th.  No license required. The following schedule is from 2012, so exact times may change:
• Marathon – 60 miles.  Start 8:00 am
• Half Marathon – 30 miles.  Start 1:30 pm
• Cross-country Sport – 20 miles.  Start 1:42
• Cross-country Beginner – 10 miles.  Start 1:43 pm
On-site registration and check-in at Bear Creek Lake Park is available for a $10 fee.
The course ran clockwise in 2012.  The Half Marathon and Cross-country races were scheduled to take place Saturday afternoon after the Marathon has completed so that competitors will have a clean course.

Tents, coolers, and supplies can be set up along the course in the Pit Zone. The Race finish, Expo, Aid Station, and Pit Zone will be down below by the Lake this year.  Races will start at the bottom of the road.
Event Highlights:
For 2012, there was a new finish and expo area located below the shade of the cottonwoods!  Enjoy the green grass and cool waters of the lake for a post race soak of tired legs. Known as the Front Range 60 last year, they went back to our roots and put all the races under our historical name of Battle the Bear.  Spectators and racers alike will enjoy the hot racing action at this fun venue. Bring your noise makers and join the party. There will be an industry expo with product sampling, and a Kidz Zone with a jumpy house, games, and the Warriors Kids Race. Celebrate mountain bike season in Colorado with the whole family at this annual spring ritual of off-road fun.
Breckenridge 100
Welcome to Colorado’s premier off-road ultra endurance race, the 10th annual Breckenridge 100. Featuring solo and three-person team competitions, this incredible course climbs 13,719 feet over 100 miles. It’s what pristine backcountry mountain biking is all about.

So start studying: the test is waiting for you on Sunday July 14th! Featuring a sprawling course nestled between 3 ski resorts; participants are treated with a unique combination of beauty and challenge. The distinct cloverleaf loops offer team competitors the opportunity to strategize their efforts and pick which loop each participant will tackle.

Our renowned course architect has linked together an amazing network of backcountry trails, roads, double track and bike paths that will take you beyond your typical boundaries. From start to finish, you will be both pampered and pushed to your limit at the same time. You’ll cross the Continental Divide three times, climb 12,000 foot passes, and forge high mountain streams while returning to the support and encouragement of staff, friends and teammates who are waiting for you in historic downtown Breckenridge.

Event Details:
Sunday, July 14th.  No license required. The following schedule is from 2012, so exact times may change:
• Breckenridge 100 Ultra – 100 miles.  Starts 6:00 am
• B-68 Marathon –  Starts 10:00 am
• B-32 Half Marathon – Starts 10:15 am. All races mass start under neutral rollout.
On-site registration and check-in at Carter Park is available for the 68 and 32-mile races for a $10 fee.
Carter Park, Breckenridge, Colorado.
The B-68 and B-32:
Welcome to the 8th annual B-68 Marathon Race and 5th Annual B-32 Half Marathon Race feature the second and third loops of the 100-mile course. The B-68 course is a unique combination of mountainous terrains, gaining approximately 9,000 feet. Two distinct cloverleaf style loops await solo and duo team competitors.  The B-32 races over the high alpine, technically challenging Loop 2 and is for solo riders only.
Race Crew:

A rewarding opportunity is also available to those non-racers who are interested in joining the volunteer race crew. Discounts on entry fees are available to racers or just help support the athletes. You will assist with registration, timing and scoring, aid stations, marshalling and more. Race course marshals are needed to help direct racers along course during the race. It is approximately five hours of time, and each volunteer will receive a crew t-shirt, lunch, and great satisfaction in knowing they are helping raise money for Mountain Hope Hippotherapy program which uses horses as riding therapy for children with disabilities. A race like the Breckenridge 100 relies heavily on volunteer support and your contribution is sincerely appreciated. Contact Warriors Cycling if you are interested in being part of this unique event.

PV Cycle Derby:
The scenic Peaceful Volley Scout Ranch outside Elbert, Colorado hosts an unparalleled tour through prairie grassland and low hills of the Black Forest. A new race in 2011, the PV Cycle Derby was a “pleasant” surprise. Many riders were unsure of the location, trails, and course layout. It became clear very quickly that the PV Cycle Derby was a legit race. The course tests your endurance with a draining open section midway through the course, surrounded with great trails through the trees.

Event details:
Saturday, June 1.  No license required. The following schedule is from 2012, so exact times may change:
• Marathon - 66 miles.  Start 8:00 am
• Half Marathon - 44 miles.  Start 8:30 am
• Cross-country Sport - 22 miles; Start 9:00 am
• Cross-country Beginner - 14 miles.  Start 9:00 am
• Free Warriors Kid’s Race (12 and under) – Start 1:30 pm
On-site registration and check-in is available for a $10 fee.

There are start waves of 3 minute intervals between categories. Tents for support crews can be set up in the pit zone at the Start/Finish. Team vehicles can park in team pit area by the Start/Finish and Aid Station 2.

The course was open for inspection pre-riding the day before in 2013. With the switch from a Sunday race to Saturday, check back to ensure there will be pre-riding and course markings the day before the race.

Event Highlights:

Held outside the quaint village of Elbert on the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch, this venue harkens back to a time of windmills and cowboys. Intimate camping at the venue offers a, well – peaceful – setting in which to crown the Series Champions. The 22-mile loop winds through low hills of Black Forest and Ponderosa Pine, which is sure to put a big ring grin on competitors faces as this private course is a real delight. The views of Pikes Peak and rolling prairie are memorable.

For more information about the series, course maps, Warriors Cycling, and more, go to

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