Relay 60 gets racers fired up for cross season!

This week WithoutLimits finished their experimental new style of racing out at Valmont Bike Park with the Formula Four and Relay Sixty. "True" cross racing may not start until the chill hits the air in October but the excitement for it is getting earlier every year! Be sure to check out our Colorado Bike Calendar and pick out the weekends you want to get a little sweaty and dirty because there's a lot of events to pick from. And don't arrive at this season unprepared, read up on our training articles from local coaches, like this one from Frank Overton

From the Daily Camera

On Tuesday, riders rode relay-style during the first-ever Relay Sixty event. The mid-evening August heat wasn't representative of what most of 'cross season will feel like — cold, snowy, wet or some mix of all three — but the 100 or so riders who turned out didn't mind sweating.

For Kane, who's a senior at the University of Colorado, cyclocross adds an element of fun to winters in Boulder.
The Shimano CYCLO X Series, formerly the Boulder Cyclocross Series, has grown between 15 nd 20 percent each year since 2010, according to Without Limits co-owner Lance Panigutti. That series starts Sept. 15 and runs through December, stopping at almost every city or town within Boulder County. This year's Boulder Cup, organized by DBC Events, is Oct. 13 at Valmont Bike Park.

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