BRAC Women's Summit & Panel Tuesday Oct 1

Hi all,

Thanks ladies again for being a part of the panel! BoD, if you can attend as well, we'd love to have your attendance for the Women's Summit. Here's the details for the evening:

We'll be at Prestige Imports Tuesday, October 1 by 6:00 PM for set up, and if you can get there by 6:15, that would be ideal. Summit starts at 6:30. We also will not have PA equipment for those who are speaking so when you voice your answers to questions, please project your voice. We will have light hors_d'oeuvres, beer from Great Divide, and Naked Juice available.

What we need from the Panel:

  • Please email me your title (president of CU cycling team for road, or member of x team) and how you would like to be introduced. I'll make name plates for each of you on our panel.
  • Please think about the below questions as it pertains to the group you're representing (collegiate, masters, cross, road, mtn, etc). I'd like to keep responses below 1.5 minutes as that puts us around 50 minutes if all four of you are answering each question. I will not go in order every time with each question or panelist.
  • Please let me/panel know if you think we are missing a key question or should swap out a question with a different one.

Here's the Panelist Questions:

1. What has been most valuable for you to learn as you've advanced in your racing career?
2. Why are you involved in the sport and how would you encourage other's to participate in discussions beyond racing, especially in light of all the schedule changes?
3. What advice do you think new racers need to hear first?
4. How do you currently help grow the sport for women on and off the bike?
5. Do you think it is important for women to be on a team, why or why not?
6. Why do you think the numbers of women's participation are the same (roughly 13%) across the US for participation in cycling as compared to triathlon or road running?
7. How do you disseminate information about policy, races, clinics, misc information to your team and how do you suggest getting women involved in policy decisions?
8. How can women best attract and retain athletes in your category/discipline or age group?
9. In 5 years, where do you want to see the sport and how would you suggest getting there?

Here's what we need from everyone:

  • Please share this with anyone and everyone you know, men and women who want to make a difference in cycling. I don't feel this event has been advertised as best it can so anything you can do would be great.
  • If an additional BoD member is able to be present, we'd greatly appreciate if you could take notes since Sue/Rachel/Susan/Lynn/Yvonne will be also running the event.

As for additional information for the flow of the evening (subject to change):

  • Susan/Rachel are going to introduce BoD/Staff/Panel and welcome everyone to summit
  • Katie Macarelli is going to present on the Road and CX Camps
  • Sue is going to present on the Women's Mentoring Events
  • Susan is going to present some data from road/CX numbers, touch on MTN since she raced almost all of them too
  • Rachel moderating panel discussion addressing questions above
  • Rachel/Sue/Susan and panel lead discussion on addressing three questions. Panelists and audience contribute to those questions.
  • Additional unstructured (but moderated) discussion
  • Adjourn with action items reiterated to those in attendance
  • Also mention that Susan and Rachel's BoD terms are up and any women wishing to apply, please talk to us after the event

Please let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns or feedback.

Many thanks,



Sunday, September 29, 2013


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