Who is stealing bikes in Boulder?

How many of us have forgotten to lock our bike on our car after a ride, or perhaps a race and then ran an errand or two with the unlocked bike on the roof? [Editor's note: I once abandoned a grocery store, mid-purchase when I remembered this, sprinted out to the parking lot, only to have relief wash over me, (like a glorious rain) when I saw my bike was still there]. If you live in Boulder, you may want to be a little more diligent. But even due diligence isn't a guarantee.

Boulder has seen a spike in bike thefts for the 2013 year. It's likely that it's the work of one experienced suspect or a group of suspects. Most of the bikes were taken from vehicle roof mounts, hitch racks or racks mounted in truck beds. They were taken with bolt cutters/wire cutters that sliced through the owners' cable or U-locks. These are high-end bikes, people. Some of the stolen brands include Giant, Yeti, Specialized and Cannondale (low whistle). Worse yet, they aren't showing up in the typical places (pawn shops and Craigslist). So now for my mass panic statement of the day: it seems no one is safe. Not even teenagers.

Here is the video story from 7 News:

Makes you want to hug Will Sternberg, right? For the whole story from 7 News, click here: Dirty Rotten Bike Thief and/or Thieves. If you have any information, please contact Detective Craig Beckjord at beckjordc@bouldercolorado.gov or 303-441-3336.

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being an ardent ebay surfer/shopper, I see tons of used components and wheelsets, etc. all the time and wonder if a lot of it is 'warm-to-the-touch'. since there are no serial numbers associated with these items they would be very easy (and minimally lucrative) for pond-scum to liquidate. when I see trailers full of bikes and frames show up at the velo swap with out-of-state plates I look at these folks and wonder.....

had a mtn bike in the 90's, left it one night on top (DU area) after assisting getting a buddy to st. a's central via ambulance post stopping himself against a tree with his face. mandibular/orbit fx's, loss of consciousness. woke up 2 am., ran out there upon realizing my oversight and it was gone.

years later saw it locked up outside the bikeshop I worked at, knew the cop that showed up (he shopped there a lot) so I got it back on the spot. years later, jumped into the safeway 2 blocks from the first incident for some ice cream, left it where the carts are inside the door, blinkies on, boom....gone again.

I pity the fool that I catch in the process of lifting one of my rigs. seriously, will make him pay and be on my way!