2013 Colorado Road Racing Calendar is out. Download - Print it - Mark it up - and Prepare


A little over a month starts the first race, but will you be ready? I remember for years I would print the calendar up and mark up A, B an C races with different highlighters and semi blindly prepare for the season (dark days before I learned how helpful a coach can be). Few noticeable changes in this year calendar are
- Deer Trail returns
- Koopenberg moved to May (this I love)
- Guanella Pass returns for a 2nd year (on my bucket list)

There are probably other interesting points so comment below on those as well.

News Item: 


+ Pikes Peak HC day after Mt. Evans..

Also Pikes Peak Hill Climb is back on, the day AFTER Mt. Evans HC. Who is in charge of scheduling??? Mt. Evans lost 200 rides last year and lost money and that was on a weekend all to it's self. Now Pikes Peak will probably pull more riders away from Mt. Evans HC so they can both loose money.