2013 - Zero Gravel Cross


Saturday, September 14, 2013



Is it a given?

I haven't seen this venue, but I don't think it has much in the way of turf grass to worry about tearing up. As long as there's not a bunch of deep standing water, I'm more than happy to show up Saturday and get my season started.

Check the clubs website

Check the clubs website tomorrow afternoon. Below is an update on their website.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2013

As of Thursday at noon the race is still on. We have walked the course and with a little bit of re routing we can still run the race. Remember – it has rained for several days and this will NOT be a dust bowl cross race. Expect and prepare for wet and dirty conditions. CROSS SEASON HAS ARRIVED.
Look for another update sometime after noon on Friday.
See you in Littleton.

Then do them.

Why should it upset you that other people who can choose to race? I understand that Boulder County has gotten the sh*t kicked out of it this week, but plenty of other areas haven't. This race is in JeffCo. JeffCo schools are open today (as with most of the metro area), which wouldn't be the case if it is was hazardous to get around the area. When areas down south were getting the sh*t kicked out of them by wildfires, I don't recall races in other areas being cancelled as a result (unlike races in the area, which of course were cancelled).


So far as I can tell, the only flood warning currently affecting JeffCo is for Bear Creek, from Evergreen to Morrison. It is expected to be back below flood stage by this evening, with water having crested at 6 inches above flood stage.

I'm not trying to trivialize this; a lot of people have been very significantly impacted. But that impact has happened, and whether or not 200 people show up in Littleton to play on their bikes in the mud tomorrow won't make a lick of difference. The promoter may have good reasons to cancel the event, and if that happens, so be it. But there's no basis to claim the promoter would be acting irresponsibly by not cancelling.

Good for you. Now, stfu. You

Good for you. Now, stfu. You'd whine if they canceled, now you're whining because they didn't.

If few show up due to traffic issues, bfd. Points for them, no bike maintenance issues for you.

Me, I can't make it 'cause I'll be watching livestreams of Horner winning the Vuelta. We all have our priorities.

There already is - except point 1

BRAC sends out a request for feedback for each and every race that actually takes place (thereby not enabling us to opine on the legitimacy of cancellations). While I generally leave positive comments since most races here are excellent, I have, on occasion, let a promoter have it when there are obvious concerns.

I believe this feedback along with some gnarly road rash is exactly why THIS particular race is called Zero Gravel Cross. A "bad" course with too much gravel on pavement in corners led to a course redeisgn for the better. Sometimes the system does work!

See y'all tomorrow, mudders READY!


I can't believe that I just spent the 2 minutes reading these comments. Good for the promoters. They set it up, organized it, and had people commit. Why would they cancel it? If you can't make it, don't worry about it. If you can, cool. It's a terrible week in the area, but just because events are going on (oh, don't go shopping or basically do anything because you're insensitive if you do...) doesn't mean you that you don't care or empathize. To the comment about promoters making money - you clearly have no idea. But, I don't expect anything less - some people are producers and some are consumers.


Only in CO would this discussion even come up. I was at the race today. Good crowd for the early races including Womens Open. The usual suspects were there...even the ones that live in Boulder. Gasp, somebody from Boulder left the bubble and raced their bikes today. Would you like to have their names so you can shame them when they get home?

I get the cancellation of the WOL race. But why should GMSports cancel theirs again? Most of Littleton received less than 3 inches of rain. It was a good course, no gravel, elevation changes and mud. It's cross season.

Just remember the next time that the blizzard that hits Denver but not the Bubble and we will all call for the race to be cancelled and that you are a bunch of insensitve assholes for racing while people are stuck in their homes.

Great race / course today

Thanks to GMSports for putting on a great cross race today - despite all the obvious challenges. A lot of folks were able to make it today, and in doing so supported a hard-working race promoter and a high-quality race. Others among us had other things to attend to -- be it work, family or dealing with a flood-impacted home. I think its safe to say we all feel for our friends and fellow racers who were impacted by the recent flooding in Boulder, Lyons, Ft. Collins, Loveland and elsewhere. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those people and we hope to see them at the races next weekend.


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