2013 - Zero Gravel Cross


Saturday, September 14, 2013



Pretty weeK? Based on your

Pretty weeK? Based on your response coming this late, I'm certain you didn't race. In that case, you speak for yourself for not coming out and racing tough guy. Ask anyone there and they'll tell you it was tougher than it looked.

Save your excuses or complaining. Many of us are tired of all the whining on this site.

Good Job GMSV!

GMSV, thanks for the the effort of putting on a great no-frills grass roots event. I wish more events (except a select couple of weekends) would stick to this model. Many of us don't require the pomp and circumstance and just want to bang heads with our pals in the mud for an hour, wash the bike and get the hell home. As always there are going to be little things to improve on for next year (would have been nice to have one more running section and perhaps one more pavement section), but overall a big improvement!

Why Complain

Cyclists around here are pathetic. Anyone who raced on Saturday is not complaining. What a great race and great location. No parking issues, a very tough course especially for the "2nd" weekend of racing on a very warm afternoon. I don't need to pay $40 to race. $33 was perfect, hopefully GMSV made a few bucks and was worth their time. We need more races in that area, easy to get to for many people.


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