2013 - Weld County Road Race


Saturday, April 20, 2013



Not neutral start

It wasn't really neutral in the 45+1/2/3 either. We were strung out at race pace and one rider even got a gap and passed the moto official at one point. We must have made up a minute or more on the cat 3 group ahead of us by the end of the dirt road. I've sent comments to BRAC regarding the uneven moto officiating in the neutral zone. Assuming we use that course again we'll make sure the neutral start is actually neutral.

In the +3 race it was a fast

In the +3 race it was a fast tempo through the gravel the first time. Each time we went through the dirt a bit of peloton panic seemed to hit and people started mashing by default. I think in many past races the moto has typically ridden in front to pace the neutral portion of the course and this keeps riders from gunning it. In the race on Saturday the moto stayed in back so the jumpiest rider set the pace instead. It made for a somewhat non-neutral neutral. Still a great race.

Official Response

Race Communique for Weld County RR
Mon, 2013-04-22
Rider discipline:

SM 5 #434 Disqualified for advancing on left of center line inside 1 km to finish. Witnessed by motor referee and chief referee.

SM 45 1,2,3 #730 Relegated from 1st to 5th. Race jury decision after several riders complained of advancement inside last km left of center. Second offense.

SM 45,4 #354 DQ. sprinting and crossing finish line left of center. Witnessed by chief referee and documented on photo finish.

Finish Line Placement?

I'd like any feedback folks who did the race have on the finish line. Good, bad? I put it at the top of the only real hill on the course and tried to keep it close to the school. One thing I was counting on was some wind to break up the packs. It's always windy out there but it wasn't last weekend.

Finish line was in a pretty

Finish line was in a pretty good spot, maybe just too close to the hill. With normal wind coming from the west, this will push the sprint to the right, so no temptation to cross the yellow. If you moved it a little farther after the hill, it could be more fun with small group sprinting tactics playing a role more than the hill. On the other hand, you could have it right at the top of the hill so that the finish becomes a sprint up the hill. It was just sort of in an awkward spot.

I really liked where it was.

I really liked where it was. Some people sprinted the hill and tried to hold off the charging pack, some people sat in and jumped late if they had anything left. The distance of the finish from the hill made for an interesting bit of strategy. Kudos on placement.


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