2013 - Weld County Road Race


Saturday, April 20, 2013




I don't think my situation is unique (having a family) in saying that the pre-reg only deal is a little baffling to me.. this race is a prime example for me at least of one that I wanted to do, but the variables of kids parties, wife's plans, work schedule can all come together or fall apart to make for a great race weekend or another weekend squeaking in time on the bike while navigating 3 yr old birthday parties and wife's yoga classes.. Yes, this is a first world problem but I wonder if there is a better way ... making both the race organizer happy and secure and the family guy able to give said organizer their money and get to race on a moments notice?

Appreciate your diplomatic

Appreciate your diplomatic tone but have you considered Golf? Being a race organizer is russian roulette... Anytime I see a potential RR on the calendar I jump for joy and am willing to jump through an extra hoop or two as well. Appreciate your sentiments as I am in the same exact boat as you and I suggest when you feel frustrated, you just gotta say a big waaaaaaa :-) It'll make you feel better!

So you are saying your whole

So you are saying your whole life is done at a moments notice?!?!

Pre-reg closes 36+/- hours before a race.

The race schedule is out months before events.

I am sure you know when you work well before "the last minute".

Birthday parties are scheduled well in advance of a weekend.

Yoga classes are scheduled months in advance. (sounds like your wife's plans are more important than yours) You can get a yoga class anytime, anywhere practically.

Chase cars

Excellent race, tons of fun, huge thank you to the organizers!

Quick note on safetly: Someone's team car very nearly t-boned our group in the 35+ 3 race. We went to turn right onto the gravel and the car behind continued straight and would have plowed into us had we not heard the screaming spectators and hit our brakes. The car was a (Audi, VW?) wagon with two bikes on the roof and the words "Service Course" in large letters across the rear window. It is one thing for locals to have trouble driving around races, but there is no excuse for a team car doesn't give a race enough room to take the turn safely. Why didn't the corner marshal or police flag the car to stop? We were baffled and upset. Stay safe out there on the bikes and in the cars.

Chase car

Stephen, thanks for the heads up on the near incident in your race. I'll check into it. We only had two official support cars driving during each wave, along with a State Patrol car and two EMT vehicles. The description of the car doesn't fit any of the vehicles we had out there that I know of but I'll make sure. Also not sure why the course marshals missed it, all the reports I heard about the marshals indicated that they were doing a good job.

Glad you liked the race.

Yellow Line

First, Rally Sport and Cycling Events - thanks for putting on a great race. Hope to see this one on the calendar for years to come! This next comment has nothing to do with the promoters... In the 45+ 1,2,3's there were many blatant yellow line infractions and yet no one was DQ'd. The Chief Referee even stated at the start the yellow line rule would be enforced. Would hate to lose good road races like this just because some guys feel like they can ride over the line.

Moto Refs Inconsistent

In the P-1/2 race, I heard one guy say that he got beeped at by the moto ref for just looking at the yellow line and we had several instances of "back to the back you go" for guys that were crossing the line and not even advancing in many cases. That being said, I think there is a lot of inconsistency when it comes to the enforcement of this particular rule, something USAC/BRAC should tighten up.

Agree that this race and course rocked! Decent sized fields for April and serious competition. Thanks for a great day Eric, Steve, et al.

DQ all centerline violations

I say DQ all centerline violations. Centerline rule is all about safety. Why would anyone want to be close to the centerline? On coming traffic will kill you. The gust of air by bigger vehicles can cause a bike to crash much less being smacked by a mirror or a head on.

Any good referee should DQ a rider immediately and send them packing. I would hate to be involved in any "incident" where a rider was injured. Talk about big lawsuit against an official that saw these violations and did not take care of the problem.

Center Line

I completely agree with all of your comments on center line violations. I can never understand why anyone would take the risk of literally dying to move up a few spots in the pack. Not to mention the risk of crashing out other riders.

I was in the 45+1/2/3 race (at least for just over a lap) and myself and most others in the pack saw a blatant center line violation by the rider who would go on to cross the line first at the finish. I notified the moto official at that time, gave the number of the rider and hoped he would be DQ'ed. But he wasn't. That rider then went on to violate the center line rule again within the last km of the race. This second violation shouldn't have happened because he should have been DQ'ed the first time. The fact that he did it again just proves the zero tolerance policy is the only way to go since if somebody does it once and they aren't punished they're highly likely to do it again.

When I saw the results of the 45+1/2/3 race with this rider listed in first place and heard from other riders that he had violated the center line rule again near the finish I immediately protested the result. The problem was that somehow no official saw the violation in the last km. Only the racers did. And this rider tried to get away with it. Fortunately the chief referee took the rider's accounts into consideration and relegated the rider to fifth place. That rider won't be racing in any event I promote in the future.

The moto officials do seem to be inconsistent with enforcement and that needs to change if we're going to keep any road races in this area. I'll be sending some comments to BRAC regarding this.

Thanks again for all your positive comments about the race.

The moto ref in the P12 race

The moto ref in the P12 race whistled anytime he saw anyone "touch" the yellow line and ruined a lot of the race by shutting down numerous attacks (where riders did not attack "over the line"). He shut down the entire break even if only one rider "violated." All this while the moto was WAY OVER IN THE OTHER LANE. How is that about safety?

We as riders are well aware of the risks, and no one is trying to race in the wrong lane. If the pack bulges out due to a slowing or road condition, a rider on the left can be "forced" over the yellow line. Even when the rider didn't advance, and got over as quick as possible, the moto would come up and whistle obnoxiously every friggen time.

Moto ref's need to understand the principles of bike racing and the principle of the yellow line rule. If someone gutters it on the left or attacks over the yellow line: DQ. If it's an accidentally "touch" or the rider is not advancing/attacking, then take a chill pill and let the race continue.

You miss the point.

You miss the point.

1) Officials aren't volunteers.

2) It's possible to thank someone for doing their job, but also feel they could be doing something better.

Like If a corner marshal (yes, a volunteer) let a car through into the bike race, you'd say "thanks for volunteering, but next time stop the cars."

We are all grateful to have a RR, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to improve the race. Better racing is better for the racers, promoters, and, ultimately the officials.

This is a particular problem

This is a particular problem on a course, such as Weld and especially the upcoming Deer Trail, which are run on narrow country roads and not necessarily difficult enough to be selective in and of their own.

Often in these cases the race IS the battle for position, where you need to burn matches on the harder parts of the course (dirt, hills, wind) getting to and staying at the front in order to have any chance in the final by not getting completely boxed in.

Obviously it is wildly unsporting for a rider or riders to sit in the middle all race, saving energy, to then overcome THE major tactical hurdle of a bunch finish by illegally moving up across the line and essentially punking all the guys who followed the rule.

Hopefully the moto officials, now well aware of the problem, will be on sharp lookout Sunday!

Like training a puppy

you can't wait until the race is over to stick the puppy's nose in the centerline 'pee puddle'. For the centerline rule to have any meaning at all, and for a DQ to have maximum impact, the moto ref should pull alongside the pack, call out the guilty party, and DQ them on the spot. Not send them to the back of the field. Take them out of the race completely. The offender should ride back to the finish alone, with no further affect on the race. I guarantee you that after one or two public shamings, with the threat of future public shaming, centerline violations will cease.

Technically Speaking

Technically speaking, when your wheels are close or on the center line, you have broken the rule, 3B1. You have broken the center line vertical plane with half your bicycle and body.

Everyone has been warned from day one of bike racing. Every flyer has the rule on it.

Just the regular rules of the road and common sense tell you that being left of center is wrong.

3B1. Center Line. If a course is not closed to traffic, all competitors must keep to the right of the center line or enforcement line.

3B2. Rules of the Road. Riders shall, of their own responsibility, conform to all traffic regulations in force in the area where the race is held.

Yellow Line Rule

I have given expert opinions in depositions and in testimony at trials regarding deaths in which the center line rule came into play.

For that very reason, I do not organize road races except on closed courses.


How do they get better at road racing without road racing?? There is a learning curve, glad they are out there giving it a go, this kind of arrogance does not promote or help people trying to get into road racing, shame on you.

A Few Thoughts

Really enjoyed this new early season RR. Nice course and great idea to neutralize the dirt section at the very start of the race...still saw water bottles flying out of cages (SM4 race).

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and make this race happen!

Anyone know how the rider who cart wheeled into the guard rail is doing? I hope that crash looked worse than it really was.

Neutral start??

Not in the 55+, granted this was my second road race, the red/white team from Boulder blasted down that dirt road, long single file line, I was not the only one going as hard as I could go! I asked some guys after the race if that was neutral, they laughed, said they were ready for it, if those guys are up front get ready, neutral my ass! Glad your race had a neutral start, next time I know.


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