2013 - Venus de Miles - Update

To the Venus de Miles Community,

As our communities dig out and we look to move forward and rebuild, we are witnessing incredible acts of compassion. People are coming together to support their neighbors and those in need. This selfless compassion is a true testament to the nature of Coloradans – we support and welcome one another into our lives – friends and strangers.

In light of the Colorado floods, the Venus de Miles team has been working hard to determine the best way forward for everyone involved as it relates to our ride scheduled for September 29th and we thank you for your patience! Our community of Venus riders, volunteers, supporters, and spectators, is immensely special to us and first and foremost, the wellbeing of our community is our top priority. The towns that our ride travels through were the hardest hit by this storm and we are sensitive to what they are going through and the fact that many in our Venus community have been personally affected. We’ve been keeping all of this in mind as we have been working through the options available to us.

Over the past week we’ve been listening to feedback from our riders, talking with the local jurisdictions and our sponsors and vendors and have come up with solutions and were confident we would be able to hold the ride safely, along a shorter course. However, on Tuesday, the possibility of having any organized ride on September 29th was no longer viable as Boulder County announced that all organized road events would be cancelled for at least 30 days for the safety of the public and for the police force to be able to focus their attention on the recovery efforts; other counties are also not accepting events in their areas. We fully support and understand this decision.

Like you, we love the annual Venus de Miles ride – how it brings communities together, the celebration of sisterhood, the incredible show of support for the Scholars. We also love our communities and want to help the flood victims however we can. That said, we have decided that this year, while Venus de Miles 2013 will go on, it will be quite different than in years past. Instead of the Venus de Miles ride, we are organizing three alternative activities for our riders to take part in: a Venus de Miles community volunteer day, Sisterhood for Neighborhoods and Venus de Miles Unity Rides, all followed by a Venus Appreciation Gathering in Prospect Park.

We are currently working with several organizations throughout Boulder County to organize the Sisterhood in Neighborhoods volunteer opportunities for our riders who want to help with the cleanup efforts. We also recognize that many of you still want to ride, so we are working to provide you with the tools you need to meet-up with fellow riders throughout the Front Range and get out on your bike in small groups through Unity Rides. In the afternoon, we’ll gather in Prospect Park for a Venus Appreciation Gathering, including food and drink, activities, and inspiring opportunities to get to know the Greenhouse Scholars and other riders and share stories from the day.

Many of you have been training for months to prepare for the Venus de Miles ride. We hope that you will join us on September 29th in this effort to give back to the community and help with the recovery efforts through volunteering, a unity ride and an appreciation gathering. As with every year, Venus de Miles 2013: Rising Above, will be a women’s-only celebration of sisterhood and community. More details about these exciting opportunities will come in the days ahead so please stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, riders, please use the button below to indicate your interest in the events!

You are probably wondering what is happening with the registration fee and fundraising. As with every Venus de Miles ride, all proceeds raised through registration fees and the donations you have worked tirelessly to fundraise, will be used to support the Greenhouse Scholars program, specifically those Scholars from Colorado. With your help, we will be able to support a larger group of inspiring young leaders not only for the next few weeks in the immediate aftermath but also for years – and even generations – to come.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us – our contact information is below. Venus de Miles 2013: Rising Above is on! It’s going to be a great day to make a lasting impact on our communities! We greatly appreciate your understanding and flexibility in light of the circumstances this year and look forward to seeing you on September 29!


Pete Burridge, President & CEO
Andra Pool, COO

With questions or comments please contact:
Laurie Marks
lmarks AT greenhousescholars DOT org

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