USA Pro Challenge Economic Impact Deepens

From the Denver Post:
VAIL — When the USA Pro Challenge peloton rolled into the Front Range last year, the cycling circus had stopped in eight different host cities.

This year, as the race cruises into the Front Range, the party has started and finished in only four communities, delivering a more concentrated impact on host cities Aspen, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs and Vail.

"We are learning. We learn something new each year. The ability to start and finish in one city is something that is working well for us. The economic impact for that city is better, and it allows fans to plan mini-vacations. It's good for the local community, and I think we will see its success evidenced in bigger crowds," said race chief Shawn Hunter.

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It's commonly known that

It's commonly known that professional sports marketers and other snake oil salesmen inflate their participation numbers and economic impact numbers by roughly a factor of 10 when making estimates.

Think about it, a crowd of 70,000 at the C Springs stage last year would've represented a huge percentage of the town's population. 6000 is much more believable, unless you want to believe in miracles (or fabrications).

"It's commonly known that

"It's commonly known that professional sports marketers ...."

Another way to say this is ....I do not have any facts so I am going to say that "it is commonly known...."

OR It is commonly known that I am about to throw some made up bull your way ....