2013 - Turkey Cross

Thanksgiving morning cyclocross racing! Great mix of Bear Creek Trail System. Run up, barriers, sand, fun, fast. Course will not be marked prior to race but all trails used are near Pelican Point. Racers can preview course when official announces it’s all clear. We’re going to have some awesome Thanksgiving themed surprises so come on out and suffer!

All the proceeds of the race go to Colorado Flood Relief, so come out and support the race

Start/Finish/Parking will be at the Pelican Point Picnic Area.
Bear Creek Lake Park
15600 W Morrison Rd
Lakewood, CO

Online at:https://www.bikereg.com/Net/turkey-cross

Online Registration closes at 11/25/2013 5:00 PM MT.

Day of: Opens at 7 am and closes 30 minutes prior to race start.

Costs: $25 + online registration fee. Juniors race for free - but need to pay the park user fee. Race day registration is $25 - but please pre-register - it helps us out.

There is a $5 park fee per racer - collected the day of the race - please bring correct change -thanks !


Thursday, November 28, 2013



Tandems/Fat Bikes

We are adding a tandems category, they will be going with the fat bikes. So awesome, as there was a great showing at the MUCCY race this last week. Fat bikes, tandems and b's I'll be racing at 9 am on Thanksgiving morning.

Tandems - Turkey Cross

Fun race! It's a great way to start Turkey Day!

Thanks for adding the tandem category, we were the ones on the tandem at MUCCY. I did not see the addition of the tandem category until I heard it at the race or we would have likely came out on the tandem. I think the TurkeyCross course would have been a lot more "tandem friendly" than the urban cross. Maybe next year?


Tandems are always welcome at any of the races I promote. We have previously had them, and added them thru a facebook post, but didn't get the word out good enough.

I was actually the guy in front of you at MUCCY until I had a mechanical. You guys were so fast on the pavement. Im trying to get a tandem category at the Highlands Ranch mtb races as well for next year too.

Pre Race Stuff

Thanks to all for racing this thanksgiving, and supporting our efforts to raise some money for Flood Relief. If you haven't registered, no worries, come and play. It's the same price as pre-registering.

There is a $5 park fee for all racers. Also, we have the Standard USAC waiver as well as a BCLP waiver to sign.
Wednesday at about noon we should hsve much of the course set up to pre-ride. So come and play early.

Hope to see you there!

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