2013 - Triple Bypass

2013 Triple Bypass REGISTRATION
General registration has re-opened for the Sunday and Double Triple Bypass rides. (The Saturday ride is over-sold.) You may also register if you have a valid registration or transfer or coupon code.

Two Ride Choices:
- Sunday July 14 – Avon to Evergreen – 120 miles Eastbound - $150
-Saturday and Sunday - Double Triple – 240 miles - $290

Entry Fees: The 2013 Triple Bypass single day entry fee is $150 and $290 for the two-day ride, the Double Triple Bypass. The entry fee includes a 2013 Triple Bypass jersey; (a Double Triple vest for Double riders), helmet sticker, wristband and bib; food, energy drinks and water at Aid Stations; finish line BBQ; all road law enforcement and SAG support; medical and mechanical support along route.

 All riders must be wearing the Triple Bypass wristband, helmet sticker on the front of the helmet, carry rain gear and identification. Rider packets are color coded by Saturday, Sunday and the Double. Only riders with wristbands and helmet stickers with the correct color will be allowed on the course. Prohibited items include aero bars and headphones.

COLORADO WEATHER: July is a beautiful time of year in Colorado, but weather conditions change drastically in the mountains from warm and sunny to very cold rain, sleet or even snow. PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR EXTREME WEATHER CHANGES. RAIN GEAR IS MANDATORY! We also suggest getting an early start to help avoid the afternoon weather. We suggest all cyclists carry SUNSCREEN, LIP BALM, GLOVES, SHOE COVERS, WIND PANTS and a RAIN JACKET.

TRAFFIC LAWS AND THE TRIPLE BYPASS: The Triple Bypass is a RIDE and NOT a RACE. Colorado is an exceptionally “cycling-friendly” state. However, Rules of the Road apply. This means yielding to traffic with rights of way, riding single file, obeying stop lights, stop signs and speed limits, and not riding recklessly or in a manner that endangers others.

- See more at: http://bb.teamevergreen.org/final-triple-bypass-information/


Saturday, July 13, 2013
Sunday, July 14, 2013


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