2013 - Storm the Castle


Saturday, September 28, 2013



Storm the Castle

Today we went over every inch of the course eliminating hazards. The course is about 1.6 miles, and consists of grass, dirt, field, sidewalk, asphalt, and did I mention grass. There's really not that much grass, it's just a little thick. For this race we made the course compact to facilitate the lights. We will have eight light towers spread throughout so there will be plenty, no need for bike lights. A lot of people have come together at the last minute to make this night race possible, and I'd like to thank them for the help in advance. Come on out and race!

John Haley
Race Director

Something Wrong...

Some options are:
1. Parking - I will probably have to "ride" my bike to the registration area
2. To Windy - Not good with my deeeeeep dish carbon tubies
3. Too Hilly
4. Having to Drive to freeken Kansas
5. No Cup points

Awesome weekend, Thank you

Anyone who didn't race cross this weekend missed two of the best courses and events in recent memory. Thank you John, WOL for letting us race under the lights and for WOL for one of the best grass courses around! Nothing but positives and soreness all around.

Women are the most finicky

Women are the most finicky riders.

I am tired of the squeaky wheel getting the attention BS.

Look, they even get a "summit" to address there special needs.

So women are 13% of racers. How much time to they take up at the races, board meetings, news space, ECT ?

Not sexist, just reality. 28 women took up 20% of the race time at Castle.

Vote anonymous for BOD

Your observations via 303cycling to a variety of tough topics are top notch and absolutely helping to raise the bar for Colorado bike racing while building more respect and support between racers. If more people would follow all of the ideas and suggestions you have proposed, certainly Colorado racing would not be so unfair. Women should absolutely not get to hold their own "summit" for their own interests, maybe if they have 50% of racers we would consider such a thing? And not sexist at all...

Why did the WOMEN'S OPEN

Why did the WOMEN'S OPEN start time get changed to much early?

You did ask this right.

At the Cross promoters meeting in Feb the women complained so much that they didn't get good access to the course (warm up, pre-veiw, or hot laps) being right after the JRS.

They also complained that the masters men were to mean to ride with.

They got what they wanted.

Long schedule for 2012 was: (M55+ & W4), M4, (M3 & SS), (M45+ & M45+_4), M35+_4, (M35+ & M35+_3), JR 10_14, JR 15-18, (W Open & W35+), M Open.

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