2013 - Rock the River Road Race


Sunday, August 18, 2013



Not the reason there are no RRs

There used to be a lot more RRs, and clubs have ALWAYS had to put races on. The REAL problem is the fact that permits for open roads are getting harder and harder to get as towns don't want the pain of dealing with bike racers coming thru, and the incredibly high cost of off-duty police officers that towns are requiring and EMTs. Plus you add the fact that a huge % of Denver racers never travel more than an hour away, so any races where there are good road to race on, the numbers of racers just don't go. It is purely economical. A club is not going to put on a race and lose money. Period. Denver local crits are easy, cheap, and people will show up.


Maybe we shouldn't plan on having the State Champs RR on a 50/50 mix? Considering dirt roads are incredibly susceptible to weather...just thinking aloud here...

No other races came forward

No other races came forward for champs. BRAC is all about Crits and Climbs in the summer. Need to make Morgul-Bismark the state championships.

*It's drying up fast, dirt roads will be fine by Saturday. That was not the main reason the race was cancelled.

Well what is the 'real'

Well what is the 'real' reason then????

You can't wait till the last minute to make big decisions!

What is the forecast for weather? More of the same that caused the problems.

Get real dude. Go sling your BS somewhere else.

2011 Mead Roubaix was a mess.

2011 Mead Roubaix was a mess.


2012 got a bit better but why do promoters have to learn the hard way.

Why does the front range have to be so hard up for road races and circuit races that we ride on dirt and think it is ok.

Another beef is that lack of support. So many and too many races have terrible support to none at all.

Rock the River had "Racer must be self supported".

For a gold level cup race and a State Champs this is totally unacceptable. Flat and your out is BS. Especially on courses that run on dirt.

MORGUL BISMARK ROAD RACE had what they called "Limited neutral support provided". WL charged a premium price too.

Interesting point, maybe a

Interesting point, maybe a dumb question but what would be the problem with a team at least in the 1/2 categories, Men, women, masters having a team car and race caravan. Is it insurance prohibited? Wont work on all courses, Koppenburg for example but it sure was helpful to have a mate at the top of the climb at Kopp with a spare wheel and it is really nice in some bigger races outside of CO to have the caravan.

Here is an idea, we run so

Here is an idea, we run so many stupid cats promoters cannot provide support cars. Cut down on the # of races and give better service. Hugo was a classic example, that team pushed for all the new cats, as that is where most of their guys are, then could no longer run Hugo, as the State Patrol required one car per group. The irony of that whole thing still makes me smile.

Don't give promoters

Don't give promoters delusions of grandeur.

Steamboat and Morgue are both 3 events over three days. 125 to 150 and 115 in fees for the whole thing.

For more than 50 bucks a road race better feel like I am in the US Pro Challenge.

Yes, a good interesting and supported RR can be done without breaking the bank.

CO/BRAC has 3000 members. They will show it you give them good value for good cost.

Your comment shows what is

Your comment shows what is wrong with cycling, it is not BRAC or the promoters, it is stupid expectations like what you set.

Tri guys pay a $1,000 for an ironman and you are freaking out over $50 for a RR? I am happy to pay $50 for a solid RR, I would rather do that then $35 for a crap office park crit like WOT or Louisville. The demographic in CO has become really cheap, the average BRAC member races less than 5 times per year last time I saw the #'s, and too many people are way too lazy to drive more than an hour for a race. It is shame we have riders who are 45 plus cat 6 crit only racers, or guys who just do HC's, or whatever, I wish people would just race their bikes. And why we do not support good races that are a longer drive is beyond me. Fields were small in Salida. Fields at Dead Dog are a joke and that is a great race, lots of value for what you get. Grand Junction used to have one of the best weekends of the year in August and now the race does not event happen (with an 80 miles RR for all cats)

And all of us on here eagerly waiting for you promote a "good, interesting and supported" RR for say $30. Heck even just give us some courses you have found that would work.

There are plenty of good

There are plenty of good courses out there. A few from the past would still be great. Carter Lake before Memorial Day would be nice.

Cobb lake has just one cop at one intersection. So Latimer county must be the place. Boulder co must have major hoops and cash grab. How many cops got paid for nothing at Morgul? I counted 9 at the intersection at the top of the wall. County and State.

It is true that the Front Range has gotten to lazy.

Boycott crap races. Demand better.

Drive a little more and pay a little more sometimes.

regardless of course quality,

regardless of course quality, racing for many ends on memorial day. the spring classics are the races that offer something for everyone. the rollers are big enough to shed the unfit, but still leave a shot for the guys that weigh more than 140. come summer everything goes uphill or is a 100+ degree office park crit. neither are appealing.

And has been noted before and especially applies to the older racer; My wife could care less that I'm going out riding for 5 hours on a crappy winter/spring day and am racing while the kids are still in school. Come summer priorities change. Even if I can race a few weekends, I can't train as things like camping and vacations and spending time with the family trump cycling. And once you start to lose top form, the idea of racing seems pointless. Then it's just a point of frustration knowing you could race better but don't have the time to train.

Future Debate to come, writers needed on category topic

First off I want to say this thread has some of the best comments I have ever seen on 303, so hats off to those contributing! Before things slide south I'm going to shut down comments, BUT don't worry, this topic will continue but in better format besides hijacking a random calendar event.

What we are looking for are passionate writers for all sides of this debate. I have already found one for the reduction of categories. I don't think there are just 2 sides to this debate either, other sides could be
- pro age based and skill categories like cat 4 35+, cat 3,35+, etc.
- promoters needs, what do they want
- BRAC providing the balance and also try to grow the sport

Also, each side can have multiple submissions on the topic so there isn't just once spokes person on each topic

Want to participate? contact us at info at 303cycling.com

Deadline will probably be in 2-3 weeks