2013 - Rock the River Road Race


Sunday, August 18, 2013



Here's a thought... look at

Here's a thought... look at previous years' race flyers. I wouldn't imagine much, if anything, will change with regard to the route/distances. Not enough that your training will be too off base if your race turns out to be different.

Having said that, I wouldn't book a non-refundable room. :)

Should be 80~100+ miles for

Should be 80~100+ miles for Senior State Champs.
But will probably be 45 to 55 miles.
A big difference in what training you do this week, 2.5 weeks out from the race. Colorado road racers, ie crit/short climb racers, can't handle anything over 2 hours.

This race will happen

Pending permit doesn't mean anything.

It is almost detestable that to try and crowd source this race.

Linked to the US Pro Challenge = $$$$$

Lots of Sponsors = $$$$

Entry fees can equal = $3750

Low, Low overhead = Everything is already in place for the US Pro finish at the same spot

So what do they need $5000 more than the prize list?

Rock the River RR Cancellation Notice

From the BRAC Home Page

Rock the River RR Cancellation Notice
Tue, 2013-08-13

It is with regret that we must announce the cancellation of the 2013 Rock the River Road Race, scheduled for August 18, 2013, which was to serve as the State Championship Road Race for Seniors and Juniors.

The roads to be used for the race have been damaged by recent rainfall and flash floods. The road surface is a muddy, rutted mess, and there has been damage due to undercutting currents. The road is not safe for a bicycle race at this time, there is not a viable re-route in the area, and there is not a suitable open weekend remaining this year. After consulting with our event director, chief referee, and volunteers who surveyed the course, the decision was made to cancel the event with no re-schedule.

We appreciate your understanding with this decision. This has been a crazy year for weather, with the snow in April and May and near-constant rain in July and early August. We are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather for the remaining events on our road calendar!

No Sr, Jr RR State Champions for 2013

Looks like no Sr or Jr State RR Champions for 2013.

Certainly has been a crazy year for weather.

There have been at least 15 BRAC road race days rained out, snowed out, canceled. All of CO has been effected.

Better luck next year everyone.

Maybe this will be the straw that will keep promoters and BRAC from doing road races on dirt.

Rock the River

I live up in Vail and drove the entire course yesterday before the cancellation notice was put out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the road. The photo they have posted on the cancellation is definitely not from the course route. This promoter is a joke and the ACA should be made aware of it.

I am Suspect...

as to whether the promoter has even been on the course. Have these conditions been observed, personally by the promotion staff?
What a bunch of crap. I have never once condemned BRAC for anything, having always praised their efforts, intentions, successes and organization but they fell short on this debacle.
This is a flaming joke. Way to serve your constituency. Lame, Lame, Lame...Lame, LAME! Period. Biggest joke of all time.

All you people that just

All you people that just stand back and criticize are LAME LAME LAME.

Do you really think that promoters or Local Associations treat events without respect toward racers or seriousness that competitive events deserve?

Promoters, club presidents, USAC, BRAC board members, officials try to take care of your wants and needs even with all the BS that comes from the internet.

If every racer volunteered for one race a year, races would have so much staff they wouldn't know what to do with y'll.

Local clubs are suppose to put on a race every year. Have you done your duty toward cycling?

There is a movement away from club sponsored races to big event promotions like Without Limits.

If that continues that we will always be at the whim of big business.

Good by to all but a Road Race or two a year. Wait, we are almost there.

You are lame, the reason we

You are lame, the reason we don't have road races is because of the grassroots policy of forcing every club to put on a race. What is easier for average Joe/Joanne? To put on a quick weekend crit in an office park or to put on a road race? Dumb@$$. Dedicated event promoters who have a financial stake in making an event happen will get it done. Who do you think puts on the road races you hear about in other parts of the country? Local clubs or promoters who put on multiple races. How easy is it to find an event sponsor working 9-5 plus training? It isn't but if it is your job to get one and your job relies on making the event happen it is a little different story.

Tour of Americas Dairyland - Midwest Cycling Series LLC
BattenKill - Anthem Sports
Morgul Bismark - WOL

When you can rely of the event sponsor that you literally had all day to find then you don't sweat the preregistration numbers like the clubs do and don't pull the event five days before it is supposed to happen. About time we had professional promoters start to put on events here in CO. Thank you, seriously, to the clubs that do put on an event but as someone who has done this for a local club and gotten burned out doing it while balancing it with work and training I can honestly say the forced grassroots policy makes it easy to choose to do a crit over a road race.

Not the reason there are no RRs

There used to be a lot more RRs, and clubs have ALWAYS had to put races on. The REAL problem is the fact that permits for open roads are getting harder and harder to get as towns don't want the pain of dealing with bike racers coming thru, and the incredibly high cost of off-duty police officers that towns are requiring and EMTs. Plus you add the fact that a huge % of Denver racers never travel more than an hour away, so any races where there are good road to race on, the numbers of racers just don't go. It is purely economical. A club is not going to put on a race and lose money. Period. Denver local crits are easy, cheap, and people will show up.