2013 - Relay Sixty

If you thought the Formula Four Format was a blast then it's time to call up your teammates and friends. Relay Sixty is 60min of heart pumping and team yelling action that'll make you feel like a race car driver. A/B/C waves set up like Formular Four, but this time it's a straight 60min race with 1-4 of your race buddies. Teams can be all male, all female, or coed and must have a minimum of 2 athletes and maximum of 5. All athletes on each team must complete at least one lap for a result. Exchanges (Timing Chip) will be made in pit row! Pit row will also function as your wheel/bike pit as your teammates get in on the action each lap!

Please note that in an effort to create a more lively atmosphere, give more time for athletes commuting, and not fight the daylight at 8:00pm we've moved all categories to a 6:30pm start time. Registration and number pick-up for those pre-registered will open at 5:30pm. Category A will lead off at 6:30pm, B's at 6:30.30, and C's at 6:31pm.



Tuesday, August 27, 2013


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