2013 - Red Canyon Road Race

*** Cancelled ***

2013 - Red Canyon Road Race


Sunday, May 26, 2013



oboyoboyoboyoboy I am SO

oboyoboyoboyoboy I am SO EXCITED TO DO THIS!!! Mitch Hyra is a PHENOMENAL race promoter and I just know this will be an EXCELLENT course! And I don't even care I'm in no shape to do a punchy road race, it doesn't matter if I'm DFL. I'll be there with bells on! I am as excited as a tween at a Justin Bieber concert!

Red Mountain and Basalt RR CANCELLED

BRAC just announced they're cancelled. Per announcement "The roads to be used in the events were impacted by significant erosion caused by the heavy rain and snow over the last few weeks, and the roads are not safe for racing."

Some how I feel there's more to it than this. Seems to have been poorly or barely organized. Fliers just came out days ago and the web sites showed nothing about them. Oh well. Who wants to go for a few long rides that weekend instead?

Roads or no roads, it was

Roads or no roads, it was always going to be cancelled. For a travel weekend, flyer needs to be up 6 weeks or so in advance. If not, there won't be enough racers and the promoter will pull it. Poorly handled by BRAC and the promoter.

fwiw, I was all set to go. Even changed my Sunday work flight to the evening to make sure I could support it. More fool me.

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