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Saturday, August 10, 2013



Keep 35+ 1-2s with the 1-2s

Last year - 35+ 1-2s - 8 racers - yes 8, Pro -1-2 -28, 35+ 3s - 42
This year Pro-1-2 - 48, 35+ 3s - 45

So it looks like a better split to have 35+ 1-2s racing with the Men 1-2s. Jorge, age 39, got 3rd.
Chris Horner - Age 42 is whining the Tour of Utah. Definitely need to start masters at 40+. Just do a 40+ 1-2, 40+ 3s and 40+ 4/5.

Yes, Chris Horner is an

Yes, Chris Horner is an example of the typical Colorado Master's demographic. Has a full time job outside of bike riding/racing and family obligations. Chris also continues to demonstrate he has the same durability as all the 20 something pros he is racing with. Since he is winning Utah at 42 and Jens is still on the attack, perhaps we master's racing shouldn't start until 45. Until then, everyone should race senior cats.

I do not disagree with you,

I do not disagree with you, but at least 35 plus 12 is an open category (not limed by age and category). If the 35 1/2 guys are good enough to race with the pro/1/2, then what do you say about the 35 3? That is the biggest nancy cat out there, are these guys not good enough to race with the 3? The 35 open? Or the 45 open for some of them? What about the 45 4? Are they not good enough to race with the 35 4?

As I said I do not disagree with you. But the BRAC leadership and board is way too chicken $hit to do the right thing, do what is right for the greater good, and make some of these guys who all want to have special little categories so everyone is top 20. BRAC just killed the work of the masters committee, many who thought masters is broken, that the age should be made older, and by god fewer categories.

Start masters in CO at age 40 and then run far fewer categories. We do not have that many people that we need all these different T Ball categories. 40 plus 123, 50 plus 123, cat 5, and 40plus cat 4/50 plus cat 4 (combined). End of story. If peopel want 100 catagories go do a triathlon or a mountain bike rave.

Smaller Races = Less Categories

The reason the 35+ 4s, 45+ 4s exist is because some races where overfilling, so more seperate had to be added. Demographics where getting older so better to split on age.
Yep, Definitely should be doing less cats for the smaller summer races.
Less then 300 riders - X number of groups -
300-400 - Y number of groups
400+ - Z number of groups.
Spring had a lot of races with 500+ but only a few since then have topped 400.

I agree with you, I should

I agree with you, I should use the term senior cat, not opens. I just think that 35+ are worthless cats. 45+....I can maybe understand or 55+. But not 35's, come on. Also, if the cats are filling up and they need more cats, do what CSU Cobb Lake did, and split the field. I think it is so lame that guys are using 35+ to upgrade because their percentage chance of getting a higher result is present. Stupid and lazy. We all train and race. We know its a difficult sport. So get off your ass and race Senior categories. Simple as that.

I can't stand the shame!

You know what, you've convinced me. I raced 35+ this season and got a few decent results. But your convincing argument, Mr. Anonymous guy on the internet, has shamed me into racing seniors next year.

Oh wait, I forgot that its my money going toward those entry fees! Forget it...

Everyone here is posting as

Everyone here is posting as "Mr. Anonymous guy on the internet".

Put another way (I'm not the original poster), 35-39 guys are fast -- be it 1s, 2s or 3s -- fast enough to race seniors in SM P12 or SM 3. All these additional categories come at a tangible cost, and that's never more apparent than during cyclocross season when no single field can get the course to itself.

If BRAC does anything, moving the ages from 35/45/55 to 40/50 and eliminating 35+3, 45+4 is the most sensible, right?

Sensible, yes. Will BRAC do

Sensible, yes. Will BRAC do anything about it? Not with the current lack of leadership that your BRAC fees are paying.

We need to get rid of upgrade points in master's. Makes no sense. Going back two years ago with the open master's categories, there was no need to get upgrade points. If you wanted to race master's, go for it. If you want upgrade points, race senior cats. Last year your BRAC leadership decided that the master's needed to get upgrade points and should mirror the senior cats. Why? I agree that it is much easier to upgrade in master's and the reality is there is no need for it. 4s can upgrade on experience so who cares how they divide it but no need for upgrade points beyond that. Let's cut back on the required 'snowflake' cats.

Agree that 35+3s and 45+4s should be deleted. An argument can even be made to get rid of the 35+4s and just run two waves of 4s when the numbers support it as someone else mentioned.

Tell the BRAC board that things are broken. Of course, good luck getting them to listen to anyone from their ivory tower..

41-year-old Master here,

41-year-old Master here, Littleton was my second crit (Bannock was the first) after an 11-year hiatus, and I downgraded from 3 to 4. Both crits have been with the Seniors. My impression was that Masters want to be separated from the "youngsters" as they've acquired job, family, risk aversion, etc, but frankly I've found the Sr 4's to have behaved themselves pretty well. YMMV, of course, but in the end I'm stoked to be back in the sport, and the fields have been far larger than what I remember having in the very large state with a single star in its flag (where, BTW, they seem to typically do 40+ nowadays).

Anyway, 35+ pointless? I dunno, but bigger fields develop racers faster IMHO. Look at all those electrons I just wasted...

Lets talk about how AWESOME

Lets talk about how AWESOME this race is.

This race is non-profit and sends every dollar over expenses to charity.

This race comes together with the best sponsors and Alice hires to best in the business to support us racers.

Fast results = Yes

Follow medical for every race = Amazing (Rapid Response)

Announcer = Megan Hottman is excellent

Difficulty Factor

As someone who has raced in both the 35+ 3's and 3's, the level of difficulty in the 3's is much easier than the 35+ 3's. Has anyone else experienced this?
Difficulty Factor Rank IMO.
1. Pro 1/2
2. 35+ 1,2
3. 45+ 1,2,3
4. 35+ 3
5. 55, 1,2,3
6. 3


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