2013 - North Boulder Park Classic


Not quite

If you were actually in the P-1-2 race and a victim of Yannick, Jorge and Colby's blistering pace, you'd know that the moto rolled up behind and pulled us as that break caught each successive splinter group, which ended up being most of the field. They had mercy on remnants of the field toward the end and let them finish a lap down.

Not a stage race or omnium

The only times the Chief Judge is required to give lapped and pulled riders a pro-rated placing and/or time is when a criterium is part of a stage race or omnium. Single day events are not subject to this and may be scored either way, DNF or with a pro-rated placing.

Technicality police alert.

Here is the bottom line. The Chief Judge only has to place the people that finish with prizes, points, series points, time of a stage race or primes unless there are extenuating circumstances.

So in a single day crit like this. Top 10 + primes for P,1,2 and much less for others.

DNF is incorrect if a rider is pulled from a race without a penalty.

DNP is correct. That means Did Not Place.

The Pro 1/2 pace was

The Pro 1/2 pace was blistering from the gun, it popped a lot of riders in the first 30 minutes. Once they thinned the field out and the break was established, the pack rode a much slower pace. The moto was pulling all the riders who were getting lapped, which was a lot.

Uh oh, here we go again with the categories

Didn't we recently beat that horse to death yet again in a different thread? Although I must agree that there seems to be a pretty big divide between most of the P-1s and Cat 2s here in CO. It's interesting that to realistically attain enough points for a Cat 1 upgrade, you need to race out of state whereas the local pros and contract aspiring Cat 1s show up and consistently clean up at races every weekend in their own backyard. Does make for some pretty rad racing though!

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