2013 - Nationwide Niwot Downtown Criterium


Sunday, July 7, 2013



I bet is was for lack of pre

I bet is was for lack of pre-registered racers because the promoter doesn't know how to put on a race.

No Cat 5 race. No W Cat 4 race. No JR race.

Yet, there were 2 - Mens Cat 1,2 races.

Not having races in the morning when it is cooler.

Barry Lee gets a F as a promoter.

It's Bottom Line

If the race can't support it's self it shouldn't happen. Last year this a race ran deep in the "RED" many of us took large sums of cash out of our savings/checking accounts to cover those costs. Should those same people do the same thing this year?

I 100% support Barry...If you know where the BIG pots of money are for cycling promoters and or teams please share. That way we can all ride around in the prefect event weekend, with all the swag and support that will make us feel like we are in the tour all for the large sum of $30.

Sanitas Sports has "Love of the Game" but no business savvy.

Promoters that gamble on running an event on just entry fees are bound to fail. As we see with these cancelations.

Looking at the Flyers for Niwot and others the sponsor list is deep.

If Sanitas Sports can't put on a race with all those supporters then there is a big problem.

@Sanitas - Are your sponsors just donating a bag of coffee to get on the flyer or are they putting up some REAL financial support?

I think we know the answer.

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