2013 - Louisville Criterium


Saturday, April 6, 2013



Sm 35+ cat 4 sonic boom

To the English guy from sonic boom team. We had a few words after about how I was riding corners and I was a complete jerk to you. In hindsight you had a very valid point and I am sorry. I should thank you because you gave some good advice. You were right and I was for sure in the wrong and I am embarassed by the way I was acting. Please accept my apology


Did I miss something or did a rider from a UCI Pro Continental team win this race? How did he get in? Europcar is a Pro Continental team, will Voekler be on the line for the Morgul RR? Could draw some crowds!

Don't get me wrong I love Danny I just thought Pro Conti guys weren't even allowed to enter non-UCI races. It really sucks for them and they consistently complain about it so what happened here?

I could be wrong but I

I could be wrong but I believe that the rule says UCI pros can’t enter non sanctioned races. The Louisville crit is a USAC sanctioned event. However, races like the Firecracker 50 MTB race is not a USAC race and is off limits to UCI pros.

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