2013 - Longmont Criterium

2013 - Longmont Criterium - CO Senior Crit Championships



Don't miss the 27th Annual Longmont Criterium on Sunday, July 14th! The .7 mile "L" shaped course winds around shady Thompson Park in downtown Longmont and wide, smooth streets make this a fast and exciting race for both racers and spectators. Preregistration is available at usacycling.org until July 12th at 11:30 p.m. Current race information

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Sunday, July 14, 2013



wow. that's crazy. To the

wow. that's crazy. To the best of my knowledge the officials frown on this and will request that the rider remove them if they see it. The start marshal at the Winter Park XC on Saturday asked a guy to remove his earbuds for safety reasons - I'd assume that if they're willing to do this at an unsanctioned MTB race, they'd do it at a USAC event.

On a quick Google search it appears that USAC does, indeed, ban "MP3 player use" explicitly for MTB racing, but I can't seem to find a similar citation for the road.


thank you, I do appreciate

thank you, I do appreciate someone taking the time to look that up. I was at work and was hoping to hit the right keyword string to get Google to cough up the USAC rule citation, but no such luck.

good thing I don't road race anymore, turns out I should probably review the rule book myself just so I know what's changed in the past 10 years or so. Not that I'd ever race (in any discipline) with earbuds in because that's just crazy.

not cool

one of my team mates said he saw someone messing around with an iphone during the race but we figured he was just oxygen debt hallucinating. We already had one stupid crash in the race and I personally don't think it's safe for someone to race with headphones in. I don't know how loud you have your music and quite frankly don't want you zoning out during the race. Hopefully one of his team mates sees this and asks him to stop.

I know, I know

But, how many hearing aids use white earpieces that look exactly like iPod headphones and are hard wired to a unit that looks exactly like an iPod in your jersey pocket? I know your deaf teammate and have never seen him using this type of unit in a race :-)

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