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Sunday, May 5, 2013



The dirt changes every week

As a near 'regular' of the Koppenberg I'd say during the Spring months that road changes weekly. Currently the road is not as nice as it was in the photo listed above but not as bad as years before the restored the road. Currently I'd say it's a solid and fair 2 lanes up the climb. IMO your greater threat still comes from the gravel afterwards on the top as you could get a snake bite. BTW, that climb can dry out in 2 days or less this time of year after a storm.

reg list

what is the deal with not posting the pre reg list? is it an effort to get more people to register? it is the only thing keeping me from registering. i realize that might be silly, but i like to see what the field is looking like before i register. pretty sure i'm not alone on that...

Agreed. I'm not sure on the

Agreed. I'm not sure on the Kopp's condition on Sunday morning so I have been holding out since I race 35+ 4's. Last year it was in great condition and someone crashed in front of me the first time up, broke their collar bone and I lost the group. The 4's are a disaster as it is, much less with the hill in tough condition. If I knew that it was really close to being full I would sign up now, but I would rather wait and see what the road looks like. If I don't race it then no big deal. I'd rather not get held up on the first climb only to ride by myself again for 45 minutes.

Completely disagree

My best result came the year I rode in the back the first 2 laps. Everyone is lighting up matches to be first up the climb, they win and blow up on top. Riders do go down on the climb. I'm not saying breaks can happen but just because a rider unclips on the hill doesn't mean the party is over for you.

That is silly. It's a race

That is silly. It's a race sign up, go race as hard as you can and see where the chips fall. I'm thinking that either people are sandbaggers and only sign up when they think they can do good, or they see that there's good competition and want to test themselves. Either way race hard and see how you do, waiting to see who's racing is a weak excuse.

You are obviously unattached.

You are obviously unattached. Those of us on a team enjoy seeing the the roster before a race so we can discuss tactics, mark riders, etc. It is more fun for us this way. Not posting the rosters before the race has only encouraged teammates to not register. Its less fun, discourages team discussions before the races, and gives teams less incentive to register as a group. You can think its silly, but it will hurt overall registration numbers.

I'm simply holding out to see

I'm simply holding out to see if it's going to rain or not this weekend. Even a small amount of rain (and as of now there's a 50/50 chance for rain both Saturday and Sunday) can create havoc with the Kopp. I'm afraid I'm going to be a last minute Charlie and register day-of. Thank goodness they still let us do that for this event!

The road isn't too bad, but

The road isn't too bad, but the soil on the climb itself is another issue altogether. It's the sort of dirt that turns to a derailleur-snapping, brake clogging mud with minimal moisture. If you need mtb shoes, better dismount well before the base of the climb and run the entire hill.

Hill Condition 9:50am on Friday

The road approaching the hill and at the top of the hill were 100% Dry as of 5pm yesterday (Thurs). Any snow after we finished shoveling Wed night was gone by mid-day yesterday, but the hill is muddy (I wouldn't advise trying to ride today at noon). It'll take all day today to know exactly how dry it'll be by Sunday am. We'll be posting updates consistently on the website, FB/Twitter @BoulderRacing, and here on 303. Chance of rain for Sat night is only 20%.

Conditions of the hill as of noon

Rode the hill at noon today and it was 95% dry with a few moist spots. At the rate it is drying I bet that by 2pm today it will be dry.

Some good upstanding people have been driving their large automobiles on the climb which thanks to them this race will be EPIC! The top side just got graded and I spoke to the operator of the grader and they will not be working on the hill. Sweet.

The riders standing on the podium this weekend should be proud of it.

I've ridden and driven that

I've ridden and driven that hill fairly often. all it takes is a few of us driving outbacks / audi quattros up and down it a few times when its dry and the ruts will totally pack in / level and smooth out. I live in SoBo and need to do a costco run so I can take one for the team this afternoon and run the turbo wagon up and down it once or twice. Sadly I can't race Kopp this year because I'm already pre-registered for the BtB which got moved to Sunday. HAVE FUN!!!


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