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I'm guessing that the video

I'm guessing that the video is supposed to be funny. I watch a few of their other videos. Several violations noted in those too. The producer and his clan obviously have a f u attitude to everyone when they're on their bikes.

This kind of garbage should not be posted on this site nor supported by 303 cycling.

I've got a sense of humor and may roll a stop sign when no one is around but glamorizing this kind of cycling is completely wrong and sends the wrong message.

Thanks for being good ambassadors and future harassment by motorist.

Bike Laws - King of Colfax

I posted the video. I do not condone breaking traffic laws when riding your bike and I always wear a helmet. I posted it because its local and bike related and I am sure some of our readers would like to know about it. I personally thing its crazy to ride on busy city streets with no helmet and no brakes.


Haters gotta hate. Although there are traffic laws, etc, etc, the video captures some great riding and the cool scenery in dtown Denver. Anyone that rides in the city knows how fast one's reflexes have to be in traffic. This is some legit video editing too. Apparently it is really difficult for some people to give complements, especially on this forum!

According to CO statute

According to CO statute 42-4-1412, you have to follow applicable traffic laws. This includes stopping at stop signs. However, it doesn't say anything about putting a foot down. That's okay, though. You just keep busting his chops in an attempt to divert attention from his very valid point.

Yes. I may "roll" one from

Yes. I may "roll" one from time to time when "NO ONE" is around. It's a totally different subject to just blow through them. I was just being honest and not lieing by saying i stop at all stop signs. Anyone who says that is a flat out liar, except for you of course. I bet you make a complete stop or put your foot down at every stop sign you come to, even in rural area in the middle of nowhere.