2013 - King of Colfax

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You my friend live in a very

You my friend live in a very sad world. Make every attempt to attack someone's comments. I said "roll" not blaze. Roll meaning 5-7 mph. At least I'm also being honest. That's ok. I'm sure you've never rolled a stop sign on your bike or in your car which makes you better than me.

Same act? Obviously you're

Same act? Obviously you're missing the point. Rolling a stop sign or two on a rare occasion is hardly the same as crossing double yellow lines, cutting off cars, riding recklessly on urban streets, running stop signs and red lights (see their other videos) and flying by pedestrians as they cross the street (also on other videos).

You're right though. I've rolled a few stop signs with no one around so I'm just as bad.

I guess we should all keep our mouth shut for this kind of riding since we've rolled a stop sign.

Once again, you obviously don't get it or you accept their kind of riding so I'm done trying to get through to you.

So the video is a promotion

So the video is a promotion for an unsanctioned sprint down Colfax while open to traffic. Don't you think that this would be better suited somewhere less populated?

If you hear something about a cyclist getting hit by a car on Colfax, know that it was likely one of the idiot participants in this race.

Riding on Colfax isn't

Riding on Colfax isn't illegal. However, crossing double yellow lines to pass cars, running red lights, etc. is illegal.

I guess having 0 injuries justifies continuance of the events.

Hopefully that number doesn't change despite their ignorance.