2013 - Haystack TT and TTT


It does

to me,(not my original comment) this was my first TT ever last year, driving 2 hours one way for this event, so yes the 4 miles is important, I remember that last 4 miles being so brutally hard, hoping to better manage my effort, hey, it is what it is, not living there that last 4 seemed up hill.

cyclists just love to complain

Thought it was a great event as always (even with a shorter course). Great job to the volunteers out there who swept the course, had good traffic control, prizes and atmosphere. My team and I appreciate your contribution to the CO racing scene. Amazing how much cyclists love to hop on and complain behind an anonymous identity on this site. If you hate it so much, please stop racing or do something about it.

Can't believe it?

Why can't you believe it? This is what has happened to every other rider that has been busted for doping. If you are all of a sudden afraid of getting tested on occasion, wouldn't you back off the gas (epo) a bit? What I can't believe is that he is still racing. Guy needs to get a life and realize that in the grand scheme of things, he is the biggest loser in Boulder, regardless of whether he can win a TT. Nice enough guy, but I wish he and Lance Armstrong would move along and let clean riders enjoy their sport.

You are right!

Sorry. Seems like I might have tickled your temper with my magic fingers. You're right. I'm not sure why I said he is a nice guy. He cheated everyone he raced against, so at best he has some serious character flaws and probably isn't that nice of a person. If he is your friend, I'm sorry for offending you. I was simply asking the original poster why they were surprised that he wasn't winning everything anymore. To me it makes complete sense. I personally wish he wasn't racing anymore and I feel for the guys that get bumped off the podium by him. He admitted to doping for several years and probably benefited from a level of training and recovery that other racers could not achieve naturally. Just my opinion and you won't be hearing from me again on the subject. He certainly deserves to move on, but if he wants to continue to subject himself to haters by continuing to race, that is his choice.

For whatever reason this guy

For whatever reason this guy is hated more than other dopers. So I would have to assume that he is not a nice guy, took pleasure in beating clean racers, was arrogant and ran over them much like Lance. I mean you don't even hear a word about other past dopers getting the shit this guy gets.


Until USAC has a licensing reciprocity agreement with USA Triathlon, this will be the case. Triathletes wanting to race on the road (crit, circuit, or TT) have to earn upgrade points like any other rider. Just because they excel in the sport of triathlon doesn't mean their racing tactics, bike handling, and strategy are on par with a more advanced racing category.

But TT's don't count for

But TT's don't count for upgrade points and these top level triathletes are not going to enter enough road races or Crits to upgrade (if they enter any at all). Perhaps give them one try in a TT and if they get a top 3, bump them up to the next Cat and so forth. Perhaps if they are a Pro status Triathlete, make them start in at least a Cat 3. It is time to get all human-powered wheeled sports to work together.

Category in TT

This year USAC changed the rule 1H4(c). For single-day TT riders may race a higher category if they so wish. We have been trying to get promoters to put that on flyers, but it would still be the racers responsibility to decide what category they wish to race if they want to race up.


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