2013 - Guanella Pass Hill Climb



- Vivid Visions
- Bo Bickerstaff

Course: The 11 mile course rises 3150 ft. from Georgetown with grades of 8-12%. Neutral start through town, flag drops at start of Guanella Pass Rd. Finish at 11,700 ft. in west parking lot on top of pass. Roads will be open to traffic. Riders descending back to Georgetown expected to follow all traffic laws


Sunday, June 30, 2013



Let me guess... you're going

Let me guess... you're going to post the same ol' tired BS about costs for all the upcoming hill climbs? The promoter's costs aren't formulated on either the distance raced or the time it'll take the racers to complete the course. There are costs involved and those costs have to be covered. Apparently there's a demand for hill climbs and those riders who want to do them will have to pay an appropriate fee to have the races on the schedule.

If you're not one of those racers who really likes hill climbs and weren't going to enter anyway, then please just stop with the negativity (how's that for politely telling you to STFU?).

If you are one of those racers who likes hill climbs and are planning to enter but wish it didn't cost so much, you have to recognize that the promoters aren't going to go broke providing a service for you, so please stop with the negativity (hey, there I go again, being all polite).

If you're on the fence about hill climbs (like me, for example) and would like to do them, if only for the experience, but can't justify the expense because you won't really be competitive anyway and you'd essentially be paying for a training ride, then it's for you to decide what is or is not worth your money, but stop with the negativity. It's not helping, it's tiresome, so STFU.

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