2013 - Frostbite Time Trial

Photo Credit: Sportif Images

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Location: North of Fort Collins at the Buckeye Exit off Interstate 25
Follow I-25 to exit 288. Follow the signs to parking. No parking on course.

On-line registration closes Wednesday, February 27th


Saturday, March 2, 2013



Race Photo Stuff

I recently received some very constructive & welcomed feedback from a few racers regarding the TT photos I took during the TT...pertaining to the turnaround shots (ie riders not being in the aero position). I completely understand where you guys are coming from. When I go out and shoot a race, it is for a number of reasons: provide rider content, hired by the race promoter, hired by media for editorial content, shooting for commercial content, etc....But, I am always out there because I love the sport and have been involved as a racer for almost 30 years. Plus, I make a living as a photographer doing sports, events, corporate portraits, lifestyle, etc... When I shoot a bike race, it is always about the racer, the atmosphere, and "the race". I love shooting TT's because it is very graceful, artful, smooth, focused, predictable, and painful.

During Saturdays race, I tried to capture all the riders...I mean all, from riders warming up, to the first rider off the line for the season, to the last rider in. The number of photos for the day were a little limited as I was mentoring my brother on sports photography. The day before, I scoped out 4 shooing locations, including the turnaround point. The turnaround was part of the race, and the facial expressions are different at the turnaround point vs on the road. If I ignored the turnaround point, I felt I would be missing out on some unique opportunities and I would not be doing my job.

I am sorry if I could not get photos of all the riders, or in the desired scenario. But, the season just started, and I am very accommodating. If anyone has a particular shot they would like to have taken, you can email me at sportifimages@gmail.com or call me at 303-956-2270.

Thanks! Dejan

I hope people aren't giving you grief because their picture...

...wasn't published or that (heaven forbid) you took unflattering pictures?

I know you're trying to be nice but I'll say it... Seriously peoplez?

I demand that from this day forward ALL 9,000 pictures you take and upload on your time/dime be one or more of the following:

*side/profile so I can gloat over my awesome aero positioning
*front view only so you can see my INTENSE concentration/facial expressions
*photo-chopped so that I look 20# lighter

I also require that a sign be placed ahead of your shooting location so that I can rehearse my expression/position. That way my teammates can wonder how I finished in 97th place with that awesome positioning and extreme effort.

As a fairly new race director

As a fairly new race director/promoter, I'm not shocked at people complaining about not having access to reasonably priced/cheap/more often free access to the best shots.

It's sad really.

We actually received a comment regarding a recent race we put on from a racer after posting (and clearly stating that they were preliminary) preliminary results soon after the race that was: "I am disappointed to pull up the results this morning (the sunday morning after the Saturday race) and see my name is not there. I am worked over and my wife is questioning what I spend my time doing. It's important for me to be recognized for my efforts. I appreciate that you update it as soon as possible."

It's sad to me, both as racer and a race director, that people:
1. Complain about free/nearly free content
2. Need outside pics of a local tt to validate themselves
3. Are pissed with race entry fees when they pay them
4. Need to display their results to confirm that they finished 25th place out of 70 in a small, 100 person field, at a relatively obscure event in the middle of winter

Instead of blaming those that spend countless hours building a better experience for everyone, perhaps you should look at yourself and reevaluate why you do what you do.

Dejan, keep doing what you're doing. Great job.


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