2013 - Frostbite Time Trial

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Location: North of Fort Collins at the Buckeye Exit off Interstate 25
Follow I-25 to exit 288. Follow the signs to parking. No parking on course.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013



Biological Passport?

Make Druggies that got caught have to maintain a Biological Passport for 5 years if they want to come back to racing. Blood tests 4 times a year to fill the Passport and then a few random and at race testing. All paid for by the Druggie!

Better re-check your results

According the website I am seeing, a 45+ Cat 4 had the fastest time of the entire day by a pretty comfortable margin. Not sure who this guy is but THAT'S an impressive ride by any measure. As far as the winner of the other category goes, he DID race a hard stage race last weekend and did NOT win the TT or any of the stages. Good training and racing makes a difference man!

I don't know the rider in

I don't know the rider in question, but from looking at his results on USACycling, seems he's a pretty darn good time trialist. He has raced as a "masters cat 4" for a few years, maybe it's time he race as a "masters cat 3". Seems the masters cat 4 fields become the ultimate sandbagger fields because you could race for years as a 4 and never be forced to upgrade, which seems to me would defeat the purpose of having a beginner masters field in the first place because the true newbies would be competing against much more seasoned racers instead of just other relative newbies.

Yes, elite/pro triathletes

Yes, elite/pro triathletes are really good athletes and can do very well in TTs. Although they will still get beat soundly by roadies at the same level of the sport.

Let them sandbag in the 3/4, I don't want them anywhere near me if they decide to do a 'normal' bike race.

Ed is a former Olympic Trials

Ed is a former Olympic Trials Speed Skater in his day from what a teammate of mine told me. Just getting into bike racing last year. There are awesome Time Trialists out there that don't do well in other races. Unfortunately, there is no CREDIT for Time Trials for upgrade points, which there should be. It is a true test of a cyclist. No drafting, no teammates helping. You against the clock and the fastest time wins and is the best cyclist for the day. This being the first race of the season here, a Cyclocross racer is just coming off racing season so already in great condition for this race. A serious triathlete can come in and kick some booty also since they basically train in Time Trial mode but since they don't race much in road bike races, they sit back in the lower cats and not earn enough points to move up. I don't know if USAC makes/allows a top level/pro triathlete to sign up for a one-day membership at higher cat levels. If not, they can dominate TTs or early season races in the lower cats. Perhaps someone with more knowledge knows more on this.

New USAC Rule

There was some talk a couple of years ago about establishing a separate ACA TT license category, however, when the USAC/BRAC thing happened, this could not happen. For this year, USAC has amended it's participation rule so that anyone can race up categories in time trials. Heck, the TT race flyers I've seen even mention this point specifically. So, technically, Ed and Cam could and probably should have raced P-1-2. Problem is the RMRC point system is out of sync with this new rule since these same TT/Tri/speed skating superstars cannot and absolutely should not race P-1-2 non-TT events. Oh well, it's not a perfect system and there'll always be sandbaggers but I'll just train harder and eventually BEAT them too!

Not that big a deal

It's crap to lump Ed in with a doper and a couple of pro triathletes. I've raced against Ed and I know him well enough to chat at the races. He's a great TT rider, a friendly, considerate guy and he's not a sandbagger. I think he's only been racing for a year and pretty sporadically as I recall. He did a handful of mass start races last year and I don't think he got any results to speak of. Nevertheless, I expect he will upgrade shortly at which point he will destroy the Cat. 3 field as well. Also, I find it ironic that despite the constant complaints about how masters races suck riders away from the Cat. 3 field and the issues we have with attracting/maintaining racers that when a couple of fast triathletes show up there is total outrage. You live in Colorado. You can't spit without hitting an elite athlete. Some of them are going to show up and treat your sport as "cross training". That's the way it goes.

Great Ride Saturday

It was a good start to the 2013 Colorado road season and a great ride by EVERYONE...from the first rider off the line to the last rider finishing. The TT Saturday was a good gauge of winter fitness going into the racing season. All I can say about racing is this...if someone beat you, stop complaining...TRAIN HARDER, RACE SMARTER, and race with a heart of a lion. I can recommend several reputable coaches along the Front Range, but they can not teach you the drive. Congrats to all the winners Saturday.

You shouldn't worry about

You shouldn't worry about that at all. Any rider that left the start "early" would have had their time adjusted. Pretty easy to add 1 sec. or whatever was needed.

If you are talking about being more heavy handed like "False Start" = DQ, that isn't going to happen.

3E5 (b)
The rider shall be held at the start, but shall neither be
restrained nor pushed.

Why have cats for TTs?

My understanding is that the cat system is a safety issue for pack riding. Separation by ability makes sense there to keep the rubber side down. But why bother for TT's? Unless you are cheating, pack riding should not be a factor in a TT. Why not start the fastest guy first, then release the riders after him in suitable intervals. The fastest guys wins, race of truth and all that. Is this more special snowflake-gold-star stuff? I don't get it.

That was something I'd

That was something I'd thought about, but the times for the rest of the 45+ 4s weren't that good and there wasn't that much time difference between the 45+ 4s and the Pro/I/II starts. I think we should give credit where credit is due. Ed rode a crazy fast TT.


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