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Sunday, April 28, 2013



Carter Lake

I've only been here in CO for a few years but I would like to hear the story of what happened to the Carter Lake RR. That looks like a very cool/challenging course with a little bit for everyone.

Sprawl, Increased Traffic

The last year it was run, it had a lot of Traffic in the sprint. You think yellowline is bad, try it with cars in the middle of the pack going to the lake marina. Plus Car/Truck/(with Boats) Traffic on the climb. Traffic around the marina. They then tried to run it in August but somebody came to reason and cancelled it a week before. Just too busy to run a race on in the Spring or Summer.

Traffic, sprawl like the

Traffic, sprawl like the other poster mentioned, not to mention Larimer County in general became very hostile to open road bike events somewhere in the mid-2000s. There used to be an extremely cool stage race in Estes Park that got shut down after 2005 or so owing to Larimer Co police bureaucracy and permit costs skyrocketing.

Plus a woman was killed at Carter Lake by hitting the guardrail on the backside descent in 2001 and a bunch of the SM3 field went over the side on that stretch by crosswinds in... '02? '03?? Holy crap I am old and forgetful, but anyway, I was a little put off the event after those couple of incidents. That is a super sketchy descent and I can't imagine negotiating it in the field sizes that regularly occur these days.

Buckeye was a great RR up

Buckeye was a great RR up north that could make a come back. The Unaweep Canyon RR, outside of Grand Junction was also an awesome race. One year the State RR was on the Air Force Academy in July, that thing was hard. Garden of the God. There are a lot of good ones.

Take a look at the calendar for 2013 however. Barry Lee is putting on 2 RR over memorial day weekend in the mountains. For all the talk I bet turn out will suck, because people want to complain and then do not show up. I think Rock the River is back on too, another solid race. We have great RR's at Dead Dog and the Steamboat Stage Races and the fields are small. It is too bad. Why 650 people show up for Weld County and we do not get better fields later int he summer is beyond me.


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