2013 - Cyclo X Valmont



2013 CycloX Valmont from Brian Moore on Vimeo.

Cyclo-X Valmont 2013 - 45+ cat 4 from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

The ever popular Valmont Bike Park, come and experience Without Limits 2nd race on the Cyclo X-Cross Series!

Based on Colorado Cross Cup Rankings system. Report 10 min prior to start

Course Preview:
Green/Red Flag system in use. Course preview only when Green Flag is flying.

2013 - Cyclo X Valmont


Saturday, September 21, 2013




Realizing Boulder is fighting way too much water right now, we were planning on traveling there to do this race, what are the chances of this race happening?? Stop right now, we are not being insensitive, just want to know if the race is on, completely understand if the race is cancelled.

Valmont CX

From the Without Limits FB page:

"Cyclocross alert; this Saturday we RACE! Spread the word and a big thank you to the City of Boulder and Valmont Bike Park. Please note; NO Pre riding will be allowed, not even on Friday (yes, that means even you). We need every last hour to allow for water drainage and park clean-up, please be respectful and come out earlier on Saturday to the view course!"

Food Drive

Under the leadership of Clint Bickmore (BRAC President) and Bobby Noyes of Rocky Mounts we'll be hosting a food Drive at CYCLO X Valmont this Saturday. All donated food will be collected at the Rocky Mounts Sprinter Vehicle on the North Side of Valmont Bike Park on race day 8am-5pm.
Please only bring non-perishable items such as canned food or boxed goods. All donations will be given to the Disaster Assistance Center for Colorado Flood victims located in Longmont Colorado.


Here's my barcam footage from the 35+3 race, including the first lap and bits of the rest. I hope no one's too badly off as a result of that mess at the start.

(posted it above)

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