2013 - Cyclo X Flatirons


Sunday, September 29, 2013




I think there is a bigger picture than just a race in a field to think about.

The rain is to continue till Monday morning.

All areas around Denver are experiencing a 100 year flood.

The National Guard and the Coast Guard have been called to Boulder County.

That is a STATE of EMEGENCY!!

This has just started.

The Front Range from Pueblo to Cheyenne is getting lots of water.

Highways are closed. Emergency authorities are telling everyone to stay home. There are towns being evacuated.

I could go on but hopefully y'all get the BIG PICTURE!!

Great Event

Thanks everyone for putting on a great event. Loved the differences between Saturdays and Sundays race and the grass at Flat Irons was nice to ride on. Although I could have done without the long run-ups but that's because I am not in running shape (no complaints, just my own issues).


No matter how many times I do a Without Limits race, I'm always surprised at how quick results are posted, and with lap times. Everyone's anxious to see how they did after they're done and its a nice plus. Nice work.

WOL Productions

Without Limits puts on excellent triathlons and multisport events. I don't race 'cross anymore but I've done a few triathlons that they organized and they aced those, so I imagine that they can probably put on 'cross races with their eyes closed. Logistically, you can't compare the nightmare that is a triathlon to a cross event.

To be fair, that was the same

To be fair, that was the same course that Joe DeP put together for the 2010 Boulder Cup - with a few tweaks.

Still a great course, and the changes improved the flow. Not sure why they put that barrier in on the ultra steep run up. Always get a kick out of the few who can ride it. Maybe it was a safety issue to avoid crashes.

The women came out en masse!

I was just pulling numbers from the results of Sunday's race to take to the women's summit tonight. There were 32 SW4's. THIRTY-TWO!! That's epic for women's racing!

• 32-SW4's
• 18-SW3's
• 9-35+
• 13-SW Open
= 72 Fast Females

72 women who raced on Sunday, not counting our Jr's--many of whom were still at camp. I am deeply proud of the direction we are taking here in Colorado with women's racing. Ladies, let's continue to pin those numbers on and race with grace, speed and infectious joy!! See you all tonight!

Back To Basics %'age fluff

You can't decipher the truth from percentages since there are so many variables that come into play especially when you have such a difference in rider totals. Of course back to basics has a better %'age, there's less riders. The total #'s show the truth. The truth says more women obviously show up to the bigger races. Kudos to all those women racers who raced flatirons it seems like the SW 3 and SW 4 women is a growing group.

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