2013 - Cyclo X Xilinx


Here's the problem... the

Here's the problem... the fastest of the 45+ 4s are intermingling not only with the slowest 55+ racers within a lap or two, but with the mid-pack 55+ racers by the end of the typical race.

Most of the very front runners are pretty gracious, but somehow it seems that guys running around 10th or so just don't quite get it. It = it's just a cat 4 race, you're out of the prizes, you're too far back to catch the guy in front of you, and too far ahead of the guy behind you for him to catch you. Nothing you do besides abandoning due to a technical is going to change your finish position.

So, what's the appropriate behavior? Throw an elbow into the older guy as you squeeze by where there's little room, or chop his front tire by cutting back onto the racing line after a pass (personally witnessed both of these things happen to my 55+ competitor who was riding right in front of my at Xilinx), or actually knock a guy down setting up for the final turn while prepping for your sprint for 15th or 18th or whatever inconsequential finish place, then having the audacity to yell at the guy, push him, and then wonder why he punched you for your troubles (Cross of the North)?

Don't know who the guy was, but in his defense, the guy who in the heat of the moment elbowed a rider to make room for the pass @ Xilinx came up to apologize later. The guy who chopped his front tire didn't apologize later, or during the race for that matter. Adding insult to injury, he chopped his wheel, then yelled at him when the 55+ racer said something to him about it.

Here's what I think a lot of the front runner 45+ 4s don't realize: most of the slower 55+ guys are actually watching out for folks catching us from behind and will gladly let you by if you just announce your presence and let us know you're 45/4, not 55+. I know I do.

Anytime I get caught from behind, I ask the rider what cat he's in, don't even wait to see if they're going to say something first. I have no interest in messing with your race, but also have even less interest in being the recipient of verbal abuse as you go by.

Not only do I let folks by, I

Not only do I let folks by, I'll even let you know what place you're in and maybe even cheer you on, until I lose count of just how many 45+ 4s have passed (pretty easy to lose count toward the end of a race, but the first three or four get their own mobile cheering section). It's all about getting your grin on.

That is not the PROBLEM

You have only described the actions of racers, not the problem.

Thanks for letting us know that for every bad action we do see, there are 10 more that we don't.

The PROBLEM is that racers are being jerks and the community isn't doing anything about it.

Doesn't the Bear Creak Time Trial have a zero tolerance for even cursing ?!?! Why isn't that the case with Cross ?

I know and saw that WOL has a

I know and saw that WOL has a zero tolerance policy if they encounter piss poor behavior. Was at CycloX bowl of death last year and saw the staff DQ a racer who wouldn't move his car from the parking lot to the street when the promoter asked him politely on two different occasions.

Action to Take:

if someone steps out of line but elbowing, punching, pushing, yelling, etc., that probably mean they think they are a tough guy. So, after being flagged, when the race is over they must go into a ring and take on anyone that raises their hand in a MMA style match.

there's actually a pretty

there's actually a pretty clear rule on this. Unsportsmanlike conduct can be reported to the officials and/or the promoter. Depending on the severity of the infraction it can result in a DQ, license suspension, and/or the promoter kicking the offender off the premises and/or disallowing the racer back at any/all of their events.

I've been racing for over 2 decades and have seen each of these solutions enacted.


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