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There is already a infrastructure in place

I don't quite understand this situation. BRAC/USA Cycling have officials that you can report poor sportsmanship to. If it is beyond unsportsmanship like personal assault than you can get the police involved.

Are you saying that USA Cycling does not take action on this?

I don't know the USA Cycling rule book but I assume there are pieces in there for sportsmanship.

you're right, there is. And

you're right, there is. And if you report it to the officials, they are bound by their license to follow up on it. If they see it, they will do something. I didn't see the incident in question, but I was an official in the Midwest for 2 seasons (it's a pretty thankless job, too, let me tell you). I have personally DQed riders from an event for USC (cursing / fighting). The promoter later ejected them from the venue after they took the fight to the parking lot. I've been a bike racer where I have seen a conversation / argument with the officials that ended with the riders' license being suspended for 60 days during peak racing season. This was fifteen years ago or so, but I guarantee the rules are still the same.

If you ever wondered why results are delayed 15 minutes from being "officially posted" THIS IS WHY. The protest period is the time you go to the officials, along with any witnesses to the infraction (bystanders, other riders) and report it to the officials. They are supposed to do something about it.

I'd suggest starting with USA Cycling Rule Book Section 1N: Conduct, and maybe reading 1K2 while you're at it.


Let me expand on Grumpy ol'

Let me expand on Grumpy ol' fart's comments. I've been racing masters races here in CO for 2 decades and a few more years prior to that elsewhere, and never have I seen any real animosity between the competitors in any of the age groups I've been in. Sure, about 15 years ago ACA suspended a guy in the 35+ for a year after having endangered everyone and pissing off everyone around him for a whole season. And, recently, I've seen a couple of old bulls arguing after a hotly contested crit. Nothing of any circumstance.

But, this year I've seen time and again problems between the 45+/4s and the 55+. in the cross races, and it's almost always the front runner 4s who think they're entitled to bully their way through the 55+ racers they catch. Nonsense. Here's a tip: no one, and I mean no one (except maybe your wife) gives half a happy rat fart how well you placed in a cat 4 race. Not your sponsors, not your coworkers, no one.

One problem we have as a collective group here is that we've allowed the beginners to think they're important just because they're numerous. Especially the 35+ 3s and 4s. We give 'em better start times, tell 'em they're special, etc...

The other day, I had an interesting conversation with one of my compatriots who also started racing a long time ago, and we're both wondering where the ship came off the rails. When did it change from the days when the 4s had the earliest start times and if they complained, they were told to man up/cat up if they didn't like it. Whatever happened to having to earn one's place? It's time to stop coddling the beginners. Especially the adult beginners.


It is all about money. The casual racing masters have numbers and spend money. How do you think Xilinx got 650 racers? Only a handful of races in CO can get that many.

Categories of racers is like a pyramid. Needs a strong base of beginners to support the whole thing.

YES, they are special because they are numerous. The ship has not come off the rails, it stays a float.

I would suggest that any

I would suggest that any beginner bike racer that would give up the sport (or not take up the sport) because his category didn't get a primo start time is a bike racer we don't need in the sport. Much like when they got smiley faces in grade school for the simplest of achievements, we're setting them up with unrealistic expectations as to what life has in store for them and fostering/reinforcing their sense of entitlement.

Racing at dawn may be just what is needed to get them motivated to train a little harder so they can race later with the big boys. Early racing is the antidote to sandbagging and unearned self-esteem.


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