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Categories and Waves

There better be some big chances coming from BRAC for the 2014.

No second waves.

Masters starting at 40+

Certain races on SAT and some on SUN if there still has to be so many cats. Start including Single Speed Cat-4.

We have had a season with record breaking attendance. Time for adjustments. There were 28 CUP races.

It's time to switch 35+ to 40

It's time to switch 35+ to 40+. Obviously BRAC is considering it since this topic was included in the latest racer survey. I think, I could be wrong, but it's not supposed to be implemented until '15. I'd like to see it starting with the first TT in '14.


Really? I disagree. Frankly

Really? I disagree. Frankly, I think part of our problem is we think of masters "teams" instead of clubs, and we overly worry about satisfying sponsors. The sponsors don't have any serious expectations for ROI from a 35+ "team" that they can't get from a 40+ "team".

the interview of Boups

The over the top interview on the BRAC site makes it sound like the age grouping may change for next year. I just aged into the 35+ group for CX and while I really like the split for my personal benefit (way less sketchier than SM 3's, not as fast as open), the truth is that 40+ is a more logical place to draw the line. Sven (that old belgie guy who can still sorta ride) is 37. For the guys that are still really fast, there is still the open race and as results show there are a bunch of guys in their early 40's that can podium in the open race. Fewer groups might require venues to utilize longer starting straights (for CX), but that is not too huge of a deal.

35+ to 40

Can someone give a good perspective as to why there is the movement to change the masters starting age from 35+ to 40? I am fairly new to the Colorado racing scene so if there is an article or another reference, please provide.

Why is there the need to bump the age group up 5 years? Are those between the ages 35-39 not a major participant in these category races? Are they making the races dangerous? Are they winning all of the races? What are the driving factors for adjusting the starting age?

Looking at the survey results that were populated, I would be interesting to see based on the age ranges of respondents, how many said "yes" and how many said "no" to adjusting the masters age. As the survey results show, question 2 with the yes/no to the change includes all age ranges giving 62% stating "yes" they'd agree with the change. However, of the 1177 respondents, 67% (+/- 4% for those that did not respond to 2014 racing age) are within the ages 40 to 59. A breakdown of 2014 racing age and their yes/no responses would provide more clear indication of those pushing for the change. Also, it may prove to show that the results are somewhat biased in favor of the 40+.

Thoughts? Also, please keep the responses rational and logical.

Final note: the results of whether the age range changes or not does not impact the category or age group in which I race as I have years before I reach event the 35+ milestone. Therefore, bias is removed and I'm looking for a clear incidation to the drivers of this proposed change. Thank you.

Having just moved to CO I

Having just moved to CO I realize how many unneaded categories there are here. Coming from just outside of Philly (very large race scene pulling from NYC down to DC), we have 35+ and 45+ masters and occasionally 55+. That sit. Masters are open Cat-1-4....done. This breaking out so that everybody can place and get a trophy nonsense takes way too long and keeps fields smaller than they should be. If you cant compete in the 45+ or open Cat feild.....then I guess you better train more...

It sounds like in your area

It sounds like in your area there was lower participation in Masters categories than there is here; is that true? Look at our last few CX races and you'll see that if we were to have just Masters 1-4, we would have 250-300 riders on the course at once. That's not a good race experience for a majority of the racers. Even breaking it down to Master's 35+ and Master 45+, we'd routinely have 100-150 riders on the course. I'll grant that we have too many categories, but I think we're justified in have some Masters sub-categories.

Make sure you are sitting down

This is going to blow people away. There are other areas of the country with more racers, more people over 35, and less categories. I know, its insane. The super crazy part? All these people still race! From what I hear, everyone lives through it and there aren't lines of ambulances because it is so crazy unsafe like we're all lead to believe. I also hear that people have fun, there isn't a ton of online whining about it. And even crazier still, the guys who get 25th don't petition for more categories because its just too hard/not fair that their are so many fast guys around.

I could be making this up though, because reading through here it sounds like Colorado has the most/oldest/fastest racers around. I also understand from reading these posts that the under-attended SM4 and SM3 categories are just plain scary dangerous. Dudes going to the hospital right and left, broken bikes everywhere, just general chaos and mayhem. At least thats what I read.

You could not be more wrong.

You could not be more wrong. For the longest time, one of the major reasons the 35+ and 45+ cat 4s wanted their own races was because they didn't want to race Sr 4s due to the perceived dangerousness of the 20something beginners.

I though that post was spot on, describing things from an outsider's perspective in a way that many of us don't want to accept.

Who is going to win the "you

Who is going to win the "you're wrong", "now way dude, you're wrong" battle?

'Perceived' is your key term for your argument. Feeling does not equal reality. Look at the injury rate for our cross races. It is very low. A dozen might see the first aid tent out of 600 at a race. Ambulance transports have been nice and infrequent this season too.

Age groups are around to place like riders together and people like to race their peers. A feel good thing in a lot of ways only.


Okay, now you're right. You finally get the point, but you're arguing with the guy who agrees with you. Our cross races aren't dangerous, regardless of category.

Well, maybe the 45+ are a little, they tend to stack up at the holeshot, but no one gets hurt.

The point the previous poster was making by satirically bringing up the safety issue was to ridicule the whole idea about safety even being an issue. As was also pointed out, one of the key justifications for the creation of the 35/4 and 45/4 categories was that it wasn't safe to race with the Sr 4 racers and it was unfair to make them race with the open racers in their age groups.

From my perspective it seems the reality is that race promoters are afraid to lose the revenue from the entries of the 6 or 8 45/4s who give up if they're forced to chose between 45+ open and Sr. 4.


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