2013 - Cyclo X - Louisville - Flyer and Promoter Interview


Saturday, November 16, 2013



It's true, the BOD crew has

It's true, the BOD crew has been hard at work this fall burning in a new few lines that are sure to increase the challenge/fun factor come Saturday! The big new line of note is a long and steep sweeping S-curve descent off the gravel path when you exit the arboretum on the west side of the course (after the steeper, but shorter run-up).

What's in a name?

You call it, "a long and steep sweeping S-curve descent". I call it, "the place where I have already crashed!"

When I looked at the bottom stretch of that descent, I had an idea. And it was a really bad one. But that didn't stop me from trying it. Twice. I only got away with it once.

I think it's another great course. There are places where I expect to be outclassed by better bike handlers -- as I should be -- but I am looking forward to racing it. Tip of the hat to Mike Hogan, the BOD crew, and WOL for providing us with another great opportunity to get our weekly fix of fun and pain. I will be there locked and loaded with aspirin, band-aids and beer. Happy racing.

bike computer

Hi Will, it's your former teammate Beth. It probably belongs to Sam Weinberg, the neutral mechanic for Boulder Cycle Sport. He said he lost his Garmin during the Open/Pro race. If you still have it, either message me thru Facebook or get in touch with the north store so we can pass the word along to Sam.

Hey Beth!

Hey Beth!

Sam and I have already talked and he is getting his puter back today. In fact, I work basically next door to the north store so everything worked out great! Thanks for the head's up though.

Hope you are doing well.



Thank you to all those that raced and braved the winds, it was a great day at the B.O.D. A big thank you to Team Kappius, Mike Hogan, Lennard Zinn, and all those who worked to burn in the new trails they are a great edition to the Bowl of Death.

thanks to your group for

thanks to your group for keeping on top of the insane wind and epic course tape malfunctions! It's nearly impossible to keep it clear from the track when it's that windy out but you guys did an excellent job of marshalling (and it was a wise call to secure it down low to the ground, too.)

Louisville DNF's

I was surprised to see what seemed like a greater proportion than usual of DNF's on Saturday and some from top guys in their respective fields. I know a couple guys flatted but curious if there were a couple of trouble spots or just victims of Death Bowl suffering?

It was smoother than normal,

It was smoother than normal, but the winds added to what was already a really hard course, plus some really fast fields out there. Who ever says you're suppose to get a lot slower as you get older hasn't raced the 55+ open lately. Technically I know the steep downhill back into the bowl claimed a handful of victims.

I was there all day watching

I was there all day watching and saw a ton of mechanicals. Broken chains, flats, rolled tires, ripped-off derailleurs, things coming loose. Some of them were results of crashing, and Boups probably had the most tragic of all - he looked to be gunning for a podium and was going so hard on the last lap that he literally rode his tire right off the rim in the last 180 coming out of the start/finish labyrinth. One of the juniors got taken down on the downhill S in the SM4 field and had some species of major mechanical that resulted in a long run to the pit. I think I saw at least one rider running / carrying a bike to the pit in every flight. I am not exactly sure why, it's just always been like that. BOD is a tough course on everyone, bikes included.

excellent upgrades

I concur on the nice wide start, although last year's was too, but I personally think it was good having to dismount and portage uphill right away. Super fun/hard course, WOL et al, you took it from good to great! The wind really pushed the needle into the red heading westbound. Would indeed be epic with mud/snow. Time to start burning your tubulars everyone so we can get some moisture!

Have we out growth the BOD?

Great race, great attendance, great news for our growing sport but everything felt very congested. It was difficult to move around the finish area, (especially with kids), that's not new but there were always large lines to cross the course. Parking was a nightmare and then you had to get through the parking lot (with kids) and not get run over by the rec center users that weren't very happy with us.
It just felt like maybe we've out grown the rec center and the BOD. Are there changes that can be made to save it or do we need to start looking for a new location?

Pros and Cons

Great job as always WOL for providing a quality event. You consistently do a solid effort to put on good events.

A huge kudos on the new west section. It added a some new super fun sections to a classic course. A big upgrade from the past iterations.

Just a bit of constructive criticism. Cup races should have a standard 8 person grid and a useable double sided pit. The super wide grid made starts a bit interesting and different (not necessarily a bad thing) but the pit was ridiculous. Unsafe and congested entrance and exit, and completely lop-sided. Something like 80/20%. Gotta do better than that. If you guys are interested in someone else opinion, I'm happy to give it to you.

See you in Westminster!

Never!!!! The BOD must live

Never!!!! The BOD must live on for all eternity. I agree with some of the critiques of the last two posts, but at the same time when parking is an issue it's also a sign of full race fields and spectators outside of family members. My one word response when people say parking is an issue is "Valmont". A bike park made for the biggest cyclocross races in the nation without a big parking lot, but it is what it is and I'm not going to complain about a short walk. The pit was a bit wonky, but if I remember right the old course always had a single-sided pit? Not sure, but guessing they manufactured a double-sided pit due to the new course length additions. I didn't flat so I can't comment too much on the flow. When it comes to the pit I see your side that 8-lanes should be the standard, but I'm also biased as I liked a 2nd row line-up for the first time in my life. Most venues simply can not handle more than 8-lanes, but if they can I say let's roll with it and make that hole shot count.

I wonder if the rationale

I wonder if the rationale behind an 8-lane starting grid is that it's the most you can safely include in a standard width 'cross course? I'm all for a wider than normal grid if the staging area will support it. At BOD, they could've put everyone on the front row.

Another twist: LeMans! Nah, I hate LeMans starts. J/K

Yet another twist, to settle the issue of whether a front row start really matters: reverse call ups. I'd bet the top points earners will finish in the front whether they start on the front or on the back, so long as the top call up guys all line up together so one doesn't get an advantage.

Full Race

I haven't seen anyone commenting on it yet, but it seems that whatever the issue was that resulted in short races at Interlocken was worked out at BOD. My race was scheduled for 40 minutes of pain and more than 40 minutes of pain was delivered. I am unclear on the process, so I don't know who to thank, but I suppose it was WOL and the USAC and maybe BRAC that heard the feedback from Interlocken and worked together to respond wonderfully this week.

Thank You for that!

Interlocken Had Same Layout

The start line at Interlocken wasn't part of the course. In fact, of the seven races I've done this year the starting grid has not been part of the course.

The race time (slightly over vs. slightly under) and # of laps is based on the discretion of the referee. I'm sure Lance, Tony et. al mentioned the disparity of scheduled vs. actual race lengths at Interlocken, and the negative feedback, to the BOD official(s), but it's really all they can do.

Wasn't at Interlocken, so I

Wasn't at Interlocken, so I don't know the details. Was the staging area, while off the course, just before or just after the finish line? Just before: you can stage but you can't start until everyone from the prev race finishes. Just after: you can stage and start after giving the last racer from the prev. race enough time to finish their lap before getting caught. No need to wait for the course to clear completely.

All I know is good things

All I know is good things happen when WOL tackles an issue head on to improve racer experience. My Louisville race was suppose to be 40min, and at 42min with a half lap remaining I was cursing the brothers, while thankful at the same time for the full race.


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