2013 - Cyclo X - Boulder Res


Saturday, December 7, 2013



Not the last race of the

Not the last race of the season before Nationals!!! By far, it is only WOLs last race in 2013.

There are plenty of races still on the calendar right here near Boulder. RWL on Sunday, 2 days of CO State Championships mid DEC, and 2 days in Longmont the first weekend of January.

With Nationals there is 10 days of racing in the next month.

Tuff luv

What pitiful, misguided self-esteem program got you to this point in your life where you think that as a beginner in any sport, you have any business entering a championship event?

Clearly you're just a trouble

Clearly you're just a trouble maker with a good beef jerky to your credit. The poster was just pointing out which races where left if your were a cat 5 or 4, not complaining that he couldn't race nats or states. Go stir the pot somewhere else and get out of this ring Randy Savage!

The beach will be rock solid

The beach will be rock solid and fast for the morning groups! I can't wait to see what the weather and temps do to the course. Either way this is going to be perfect practice for possible weather conditions at nationals and a true hard mans course for the cyclox champs.

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