Cyclists for Jamestown - Opportunity to lend a hand in the rebuilding effort


When: Saturday October 19th. 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.
Where: Beech Aircraft building by the McGuckins Warehouse out on 36 before Neva Road
What: A one day event where you can come and meet leaders of our cycling community including some pro road and mountain bike racers, make a donation for Jamestown, and also buy some cool stuff in our silent auction. And we’ll have food, coffee, and beer. Probably music, too!

Pledge/ donate/ volunteer: Many organizations and individuals have pledged support of $100, and even up to $1,000. With a $100 donation or more. Indicate an amount different from $100 in the body of your text. As pledges come in, they will be added to the list. Or, click here to donate to the silent auction or offer to volunteer your time.

Please visit for more information on making a donation or volunteering


Saturday, October 19, 2013



Cyclists for Jamestown

Glad to see this -- I'm definitely ready to donate, and hopefully catch some of the Oct. 19 event as well. I know the residents of Jamestown and many mountain towns have seen their fill of cyclists on busy weekends. It will be a good feeling to contribute to a relief effort aimed at them.

There's never a good day, each weekend is packed

See for yourself, each weekend is packed with something

Anyway, considering the pool of riders that enjoy the ride to Jamestown I bet way less than 25% of them will attend Veloswap and the remaining 75% is still a large number. Plus, you don't have to be in attendance to help out. I will be at Veloswap this year and still will do my part to helping make this event the best it can be.

VeloSwap and Cyclists 4 Jamestown

VeloSwap supports this event, but it is unfortunate that it is during VeloSwap. Is there a way cyclists could do both events? Come to VeloSwap in the morning, then head to the fundraising event in the afternoon and evening. Sounds like a full day of cycling activities.

I will also offer the Cyclists 4 Jamestown effort a complimentary booth at VeloSwap to raise awareness and accept donations.


Reese, thanks a bunch. We knew this was a challenge that weekend and had to make a choice based upon many factors. Good news is that it will be an all day event. We may likely go into the evening. The Veloswap croud usually thins out in the afternoon. They can still come participate after visiting Denver! We may be able to take you up on your booth offer too. Thanks


Let me know on the booth, tried to reach you via e-mail, but got bounced back. I will also push this our via the VeloSwap FB page. On a side note, many of my VS staff have ties to VT and we all lived this two years ago. We do get it!

It's actually intended to

It's actually intended to make the people of Jamestown feel better. No, it won't raise millions, but every bit counts. Jamestown is one of the unique communities that make the region such a great place to live and I'm glad that the cycling community wants to show appreciation. I've sure gotten a lot from the town over the 20+ years I've been cycling there and I'm very happy to do what I can, even if it won't be enough to rebuild a road.

Thank You!

The impact of this event (together with other private fundraising efforts) on Jamestown will be very significant. Rebuilding the water infrastructure and the town-maintained roads and bridges are among the top priorities. On behalf of Jimtown, I thank you so much for organizing this!!

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