2013 - Cross (Mud) of the North #3



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- Bo Bickerstaff

From reports of those who competed later in the day the conditions were hard but what made matters worse was this area had the worst type of clay for wet conditions. Bad for cross but great for making pottery.

2013 Cross of the North #3 from Brian Moore on Vimeo.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013



mud fest

"Warming up" at 2:30 it was ridiculously slick, in an absurd and fun kind of way. By our start an hour later, it had begun to thicken up into bike-jamming goo the likes of which I'd never ridden before. It certainly got the better of me.

Hats off to the volunteers and officials who spent a long day out in the cold and wet. For those who missed the, uh, fun, here's a dim look through a wet lens:

(video embedded above)



Brian- thx for the video. I was trying to describe the mud/clay consistency that we rode in on Sunday and could not the point across.

Nice work finishing! DFL > DNF. How many laps did you end up doing?

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