2013 - Cross of the North #2


Saturday, October 19, 2013



Yes, $5 to park.

Yes, $5 to park.

Unless you've signed up for a team tent spot, there will be a $5 charge to park a vehicle.
The Ranch is holding multiple events this weekend so please park only in the dirt lot next to the venue as directed by volunteer staff.
If you have any comments about being charged to park, please direct it to the COTN promoters, not our helpful volunteer staff. And if you find yourself feeling outraged, ask "would I rather pay $40-50 to race, or $25 for race entry and $5 to park a car?" We're only doing what is necessary to stay financially solvent! Thanks for understanding.

Stupid move

I accidentally got knocked down by a at 4 45+ guy at last corner. My reaction was uncalled for. Punches and foul language. Sorry to all who witnessed my actions. I was DQ ed and deserved it.

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