2013 - Colorado Park 2 Park Challenge

This event started in 2011 with one man's idea to ride from his home near City Park to his newly purchased townhome in Winter Park. The inaugural year involved only 8 riders and a good friend willing to follow with his wife's minivan. Actually, it was his minivan and we were glad that he owned one. Good times were had by all and we decided to continue the event and raise money for a great cause. 

Group rolling start from Denver’s City Park through downtown Denver (via 20thStreet), to Golden (via 32nd Avenue), passing the historic Coors Brewery, up Lookout Mountain to Boettcher Mansion, to Buffalo Herd Overlook, down to Evergreen, to Bergen Park, then up Squaw Pass to Echo Lake, down to Idaho Springs, to Empire, up Berthoud Pass and down to Winter Park Resort for the finish. You can view the route at MayMyRide by searching Colorado Park 2 Park Challenge under Maps.

2013 - Colorado Park 2 Park Challenge


Saturday, August 10, 2013


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