2013 - Colorado Cross Classic p/b Raleigh Bicycles

2013 Cross Classic from Brian Moore on Vimeo.



Pre-Registration: Online at www.PreRace.com. (No surcharge). Second Race $25 Online reg. closes Thursday, October 10th, Noon MST.

Number Pickup: Number pick-up at RockyMounts 2055 26th St-Boulder on 10/11 from 5pm-8:30pm

Race Day Registration: $10 Extra. Opens at race course at 7:15am (Priority given to 8:00am start wave) and closes 40 minutes before start time). No Race Day registration for UCI racers.

3.5K (2.2 miles) long. Start/Finish area is open and smooth. The course will have a double pit. 10% Sand, 15% Pavement, 75% Grass/Dirt .Rain or Shine.

2013 - Colorado Cross Classic p/b Raleigh Bicycles


Saturday, October 12, 2013



lapped riders?

anyone have any info on how they intend to handle lapped riders at the upcoming UCI races? I'm not concerned about being lapped by folks in my age group (though maybe I should be). I'm concerned about what happens when (not if) the leaders of the younger age group that have a 2 minute head start lap me (they will). Can't justify paying to race 3 laps, only to be pulled when the leaders of the younger group catch me.

So, is it their intention to allow the age-groupers to finish their races, or do they plan to pull lapped riders?

What makes you think that

What makes you think that that might even happen?

Have us racers ever gotten fair warning about being pulled?

Good point though.

I am not racing behind another group of 80 riders for $50. If they pull riders or not.

No way. That is such a lame schedule to do that.

Humm...I wonder if those

Humm...I wonder if those timers might have some system to tell the different categories apart? Like maybe if the numbers we wear are in some sort of order/series based on our cat. Maybe those chips and timing lines can send some sort of electronic message...

There is only the UCI race

There is only the UCI race going when the UCI race is going on. So all racers will be racing the same race and you will probably be pulled and placed if you're in danger of being lapped because then you can affect the outcome the people on the lead lap.

I've watched lots of

I've watched lots of streaming video and read lots of race results of euro cross races. It is not at all uncommon to see the leaders passing slower racers (iow, lapping) and not uncommon to see racers listed as one or even two laps down in the results.

How is it that they (the euro racers) can pass but we can't?


They are being pulled, when the reach the line. That's why you'll see results like "3 laps." No pro is that much slower than another pro; they were pulled with three laps to go.

Note - I'm just pointing this out; I am not a fan of pulling riders in non-championship local races.

Here's something to think

Here's something to think about. If no one is slow enough to be lapped twice, then what's the harm of leaving them in the race after they've been lapped? The leaders have already passed them, damage done, right? It's not a big deal to leave 'em out there if they're not going to get lapped again.

UCI rules will be for the UCI

UCI rules will be for the UCI races, Women and Men open. All others are USAC races to you can use your mt bike, fat tires, ect.

I always thought that the hand up rule was the biggest piece of BS. Look at Cross Vegas were spectators were handing up anything and everything. Even at our local races beer and bacon get handed up without out penalty yet we make such a big deal about water hand ups.

I never ask if it is ok I just do it out of sight.

Don't forget that the race

Don't forget that the race started 10 minutes late, so even if they didn't pull half the field after three laps, everyone would've been shorted anyway. But screwing people paying $50 to race out of actually *racing* is ok, because they had a pro (who at the time was banned for doping) to start the kids race. Great example to set.

After DBC's junkshow last year, I'm saving my money and skipping this race.

Pros are the biggest spoiled

Pros are the biggest spoiled brats out there. Very few are role models. All pros is all sports.

Just look at Chris Horner and his twitter vomit. 41yo and still acts like a child. Not a professional adult. I would not hire him and looks like no one else is either. Get it kids?!

How many kids can even name a pro cyclist?

DBC Bonehead move in 2012

From the many derogatory comments the anonymous bitches are slinging here, we are getting a sense that our large, high profile, expensive race is not something that is needed or appreciated in our community. Rest assured we'll stop doing Boulder Cup and make room for what you want. When we started cross races here in 1988 we charged $12 to race. I contend that our race is reasonably

For those of you who are not participating, we hope you attend as spectators. Our Jr Ambassador this year is Timmy Duggan.

Poorly-executed events are

Poorly-executed events are unwanted, regardless of size. If you can manage to not screw up this year's Boulder Cup, maybe I'll give DBC another shot next year. If you *actually* decide to stop putting on $50 spectacles in favor of fun $30 races, I'll probably show up regardless.

FYI, snarky posts from a promoter are extremely endearing. Please make more of them.

Sure hope none of these

Sure hope none of these promoters applied for the BRAC EX Director job. No ability to , poor decisions and definitely not a thick enough skin. That job requires you to cater the bike community along with the big or small factions.

Snarking, scolding and antagonizing people is a sure sign of no public relation skills and lack of leadership. Imagine if something really happened that need a leader, these guys would just take their marbles and bail.


I wouldn't wish the Executive Director job on my worst enemy. Imagine having to spend your time listening to bunch of whiny princesses complain about their bike racing hobby.

In a more professional candor

In a more professional candor your comment highlights the melodramaticness of DBC. We as a community don't need to be guilted or berated into signing up for an over priced amatuer event, with a great spectator opportunity to follow. And dear previous poster, in five years have we ever seen a less snarky version of Grealish. Love part of the event, dislike the attitude



I'm sorry that once again I won't be able to make it up to your excellent race to watch from Colorado Springs as schedule just won't allow.

Your races are the standard and all of the "anonymous bitches" haven't a clue as to what goes into putting on a race.

Lapped riders have no place in a race, but then again, neither do multiple Cats/Classes.

Andy Bohlmann
Sand Creek Sports
Colorado Springs

Bored Andy?

once again Andy feels the need to insist people believe and act like he does, the rules of the site do not require a name, no really they do not, hence the anonymous choice. What part of this do you not comprehend, seriously, I would like to know??? Your thought on this matter is just your opinion, you are not braver, smarter or dumber for that matter by signing your name, just your choice, same as those "bitches" who do not sign their name, their choice. Your insistence others act like you is bothersome, please lie and change the city where you are from, it is embarrassing.

If you are that sensitive to

If you are that sensitive to race promoters, you are going to have a pretty short season. Andy has balls and stands behind what he believes and will continue to put on great events regardless of your "boycott", whoever you are!? If only racers could be that selective of who is putting on their races in Colorado... Someone called out the point earlier, it is a very small group of people that are behind the Colorado racing schedule, Andy included. Anonymous has gone after Boups, Grealish, and now Andy. Who is next to get anonymously attacked? Dean Crandall? USAC gets torn down on 303cycling, BRAC and their executive director are a punching bag, promoters are ripped apart anonymously. Who the hell is left to support bike racing!? If putting on a bike race was a lucrative venture or easy to do, there would be lot's of competition and probably a higher quality of events. Stop. Breath. Thankfully the comments on here do not reflect the majority of bike racers, who have right to be demanding about their sport but take the time to also be appreciative and contribute positively.

Read Dean's comment - "It is the CR's responsibility to protect the leaders in the race, whether they be racing for money or those so valuable points". If you want to start tearing down people because you are bitter about getting pulled then let's call out the chief referee for that event and we can tear him apart. Oh wait, we barely have enough race officials because that is as lucrative as putting on a race.

Still can't believe what I am reading on here though, must be the same couple people. Someone is going to anonymously sh** talk Chris Grealish on here after how many years of event promotion? That is messed up. At least have the balls to phone the guy or use your name.

Also, are you going to the road promoter's meeting this week? I am sure promoters would love to get your "feedback".