2013 - Colorado Cross Classic p/b Raleigh Bicycles

2013 Cross Classic from Brian Moore on Vimeo.



Pre-Registration: Online at www.PreRace.com. (No surcharge). Second Race $25 Online reg. closes Thursday, October 10th, Noon MST.

Number Pickup: Number pick-up at RockyMounts 2055 26th St-Boulder on 10/11 from 5pm-8:30pm

Race Day Registration: $10 Extra. Opens at race course at 7:15am (Priority given to 8:00am start wave) and closes 40 minutes before start time). No Race Day registration for UCI racers.

3.5K (2.2 miles) long. Start/Finish area is open and smooth. The course will have a double pit. 10% Sand, 15% Pavement, 75% Grass/Dirt .Rain or Shine.

2013 - Colorado Cross Classic p/b Raleigh Bicycles


Saturday, October 12, 2013




Here's some bouncy-butt bar cam of the first 10 minutes of the 35+3: (see above). I didn't get much more than that, since the stupid little crash I had 2 minutes in cracked my derailleur hanger, which broke about 15 minutes later. Unfortunate, since it was a fun course, but such is 'cross.

pulling 60% of a Cat = a good race?

In the 35+Cat3 race, 30 racers of 49 that finished got pulled. Ridiculous. They did not get the "gold" race experience they paid for. Imagine playing a game and the game ended suddenly in the fourth quarter. Two to go, then you get a throat slashing hand across the finish instead of the final lap bell? Whose call was that? UCI/USAC chief referee? BRAC officals? What happened to serving its members, the core of CO racing?

Racing v Participating

If you're concerned about getting lapped/pulled, you're not racing, you're participating and neither the promoter/referee owe you anything besides a start. The rest in your problem. Want to ensure that you get your full time in? Sign up for the senior 3s. You'll get the same result and be able to do all the laps you think you're entitled to. If getting lapped is still a concern at this point, you're in the wrong category.

The beauty of cross is that

The beauty of cross is that even if you're not competing for the podium, you can still race against others in your class who are of similar skill/talent/fitness. For some of us, just finishing one place ahead of the guy who always seems to beat you can be as satisfying as any podium finish. Take that away and you'll lose half or more of your "participants".

No one got lapped! The

No one got lapped! The leaders came in about 8 mintues after 60% of the field of pulled! Are you saying 60% of the field was not racing? Come on now. Getting lapped is not the problem, it's knowing when the last lap will be. I guess only 19 guys were racing yesterday at 35+Cat3, the other 30 were just out for a saturday ride for $40 or $50 bucks. Nice.


It was strange. A bunch of unlapped riders came up to the line thinking they were getting the bell, and instead were pulled. My only guess (and it's just that) is things were a little behind schedule, and the officials were trying to get the course cleared a few minutes quicker for the next start.

Its you guys in last place that are the problem

Its all you stragglers getting in the way of my race when I lap you. Its all the 12 minute lap guys making the next race late.

You kill my warm up too. I hate when my race is delayed so some freds getting their last 5 min of riding .

You want someone to be considerate of you feelings and be nice well you better be doing the same. But you're not. living in your own little bubble.

All races got almost full time if not MORE.

Look down the race results and you will see that most races got fair amount of race time if not more.

Thats right...MORE.

No group got shorted.

When they give you more time that cuts in to the time to get results done, start another race, and the all important PRE-J race and even the UCI Only Warm Up time.

Agreed - train more Fred!

Any rider who regularly finishes in the bottom 60% should not post, but train and certainly not complain. Heck, they're lucky to be racing with us anyway! No idea how they got the upgrade though, probably bronze races in South Denver or the mountains. Too far to travel. Racing is for winners not losers! I hate coming up on lapped riders, they slow me down and ruin my race experience, not to mention crash me out with their poor bike handling skills. The front of the race is where the action is anyway, the back of the pack is just fodder for us top ten rider's egos. Well, until I get close to an upgrade then I shut it down till next year!

Unreal expectations.

The Bell is one to go.

The Winner got 52 minutes out of a 50 minute scheduled race.

So you are saying the you want the 55 minutes that 19th had and another lap giving you 65 minutes of racing?

Strange that the promoter and officials didn't give you 30% more time that scheduled and what you paid for.

Pulled and Support for Promoters

I was pulled with a large group right behind the 19th rider yesterday. We were racing (yes racing) hard and swapping positions, waiting for attacks on the last lap, never happened. Yes, I was pissed off, really pissed. Talked to Boups today, he was great. Apologized for the experience and asked what he could do. Perfect. Stand up, accountable attitude I was glad to hear that.

On this thread people are also attacking Grelish and DBC Events? Really? Do you have any idea how much Chris has done for our sport? It would be a pity to see DBC Events no longer promote events like Roubiax style races and cross races. Remember, like Boups said today, he made as much money yesterday as I did. Boups and Chris do it because of their passion for the sport, certainly not for the money. It is shameful to criticize them anonymously, don't race or be a man/woman and go talk to them! They are very nice people.

Great courses this weekend at CO Cross Cup and Boulder Cup, btw!

What I did not like was the response of the officials today responding the simple question of how will we know when the last lap is really the last lap, we got the following responses:
Ride faster.
Complain to the promoter
You have a Garmin, use it, when it gets to 45 minutes you are about to get pulled.

Really? Why have lap counters? Why even have timing? So only the first 40% get notified they are on the last lap? I hope someone comes up with a real solution to this.

Thank you Chris, Boups, Andy, everyone for putting on these great events. And the officals and volunteers for working the events. We still have work to do though.

After reading these comments

After reading these comments I can't help but wonder why 303 doesn't goto a non-anonymous forum. Own up to your statements, and quit sniping from the bushes.

If you don't like the race product offered, don't compete. Many of the racers in this state should live somewhere else for a season to see just how good we have it racing in Colorado.