2013 - Colorado Cross Classic p/b Raleigh Bicycles

2013 Cross Classic from Brian Moore on Vimeo.



Pre-Registration: Online at www.PreRace.com. (No surcharge). Second Race $25 Online reg. closes Thursday, October 10th, Noon MST.

Number Pickup: Number pick-up at RockyMounts 2055 26th St-Boulder on 10/11 from 5pm-8:30pm

Race Day Registration: $10 Extra. Opens at race course at 7:15am (Priority given to 8:00am start wave) and closes 40 minutes before start time). No Race Day registration for UCI racers.

3.5K (2.2 miles) long. Start/Finish area is open and smooth. The course will have a double pit. 10% Sand, 15% Pavement, 75% Grass/Dirt .Rain or Shine.

2013 - Colorado Cross Classic p/b Raleigh Bicycles


Saturday, October 12, 2013



"Huge Prize list" response from Boulder Cup

For the NON UCI categories at Boulder Cup this year we have prizes valued at over 5,000 $. Some examples are : 4 carbon cross forks from Foundry Bicycles @ 250$ each, over $1,000 worth of TRP brake products, over $1,250 worth of products from Wheels Manufacturing, $500 in gift certs from Boulder Beer, 500 $ in product from OSMO Nutrition, $500 in gift certificates from FastCat Coaching. We have not raised the cost to race in 6 years. Local races now are 35$ ? Hope everyone who likes bikes comes to Valmont this Sunday, CG

Local races are $30 pre reg,

Local races are $30 pre reg, B Cup is $40 pre reg and $50 race day. We appreciate your efforts. If you feel your race is worth $40 then let the race speak for itself. I personally rather race more often and will save my money this weekend.

I have always wondered about

I have always wondered about the Money trail in racing.

Seems like there would be a NET of 10-15K at either of these races.

Aaron Bouplon is a self proclaimed volunteer race promoter so where does that 10K go?

Even a small summer crit can net $1000s.

What are calculating the

What are calculating the budget to be for one of these events for your estimate of $10k to $15K profit? EMTS, insurance, officials fees, timing/results fees, BRAC permits, USAC permits, city permits, vendors, property damage expenses, paid race staff, equipment costs.

I have always wondered where does the money come from when a race promoter loses $10,000? Do racers or BRAC pick up the loss? And god forbid a race promoter does pay themselves, how much would be reasonable for all of the racer BS and risk involved? I hope the promoters for these events pay themselves handily as they are incredibly important to Colorado racing and it is sad that 303cycling is a soapbox for a few anonymous individuals to tear down events and their promoters whenever they can. Like Aaron said, if an issue or concern is really that important to you, just send him an email and I am sure you can learn all about the money trail.

What is the goal in sharing

What is the goal in sharing the budget of bike events with the public on 303 cycling? IF WOL can put on a top quality event and make a profit, why should racers need to scrutinize their budgets? Or would it be different if a promoter in Glenwood springs puts on a crap event and loses his shirt? If someone truly thinks a race is screwing them as a racer or doing an injustice to colorado racing, they should take the time to write the promoter and BRAC. Or they should try to do it better and put on their own event.

Yes, a volunteer

I have not been paid a cent for the CCC, as a matter of fact my IPhone was wrecked the morning of last year's race... this race costs me money (and time).
The profits (which are healthy, but not enormous) are used by the team to fund a Devo program (not the rock band) and are rolled forward to fund the race the following year.
I'll be at the Res today working on the course (yes, for free), please come out and help (bring a shovel, gloves, and a plastic garbage bag or four).
Hope to see you at the race on Saturday.

To bad those numbers are for

To bad those numbers are for reoccurring parking lot crits.
How about some numbers about his weekend.
So if you take last years numbers of CCC and Boulder Cup .

Colorado CX Classic
225 x $40 = $9000
225 x $50 = $11,250
JRs 40 x 0 = $0
JRS 40 x $10 = $40
Volunteer Free Race = 20 riders
Estimated Expenses = Prizes $4000, UCI = $1000 USAC = $1600, Officials = $1100, Other = $1500
NET = $11,090

Boulder Cup
250 300 x $40 = $12,000
250 300 x $50 = $15,000
JRs 60 x $10 = $60
JRs 60 x $20 = $120
Volunteer Free Race = 20 riders
Estimated Expenses = Prizes $4000, UCI = $1000 USAC = $1600, Officials = $1100, Other = $1500
NET = $18,980

This is sad, what point are

This is sad, what point are you trying to prove beyond your clear lack of expertise in event promotion and your need to be the troll on 303 cycling? Are your estimated expenses based on the UCI race you put on this year? And so what if a promoter pay themselves or pay staff at their event? Or if they invest the money in next year's race? Or keep it to cover any potential future shortfalls? Shaking my head at the crap that is posted on here.

$40 Entry - $3 USAC Insurance

$40 Entry - $3 USAC Insurance - $2.50 BRAC fees = $34.50 (so take off $3000 ~ $3500 already)

Your $1500 other is WAY OFF! You need to figure out a lot of other costs. Venue, Boulder Rez is a few thousand not sure of Valmont. Don't forget - Port-O-Poties, fencing, volunteer food, UCI Permit, UCI Officials housing, course/venue cleanup, advertising, timing company,... WAY More than $1500...

I hope the races make some profit so they will come back year to year. I also hope the promoters make some money for all the hard work they put in. I've seen a number of races go away due to volunteer promoter burnout. Lots of hours go in before hand that "Anonymous" never sees...

"Anonymous" is a troll, he

"Anonymous" is a troll, he probably doesn't race much and rarely volunteers. Definitely does not have a job. And you can tell he makes up 40% of the comments here by the way he writes in simple sentences and double spaces each sentence.

Most racers understand the how difficult it is to pull off a quality race, eek out a profit and keep everyone happy.


Just to keep things from getting to far out of hand about USAC and BRAC fees. Look it up at http://www.coloradocycling.org/info/promoters under 'BRAC Schedule of fees'.
BRAC collects money with memberships (annual and daily, Club and individual), and small permit fees. That is it! For being a promoter that is a BRAC member and paying the $50 fee you get the Race Kit, 800 numbers, pins and forms, computer for registration, and access to DISCOUNTED BRAC timing and scoring trailer (the trailer is loaded with scoring cameras and equipment). BRAC has helped locals a lot!!

The big waste of money and why there is hardly a Road Race in CO is cops and counties looking for easy money. That pisses me off too. Ever see a cop do anything at a race? Didn't think so.

If you are not a promoter then you can't comment on race money because you don't write the checks. There are only 20 promoters so that is a small group. Races cost money and promoters are allowed to make money. You are buying a product. USPRO and Leadville make lots of money and would not exist if they did not.

Anonomous x 100 and Knower can just shut their mouths. By the way that $3 USAC insurance fee covers you for the whole day and you can race all the races your legs can handle.

No BRAC Per Rider Fees,

No BRAC Per Rider Fees, Really? You are the one that is misinformed.

USAC LA Surcharges
• $2.50 per rider per day for Weekend competitive events (Fri-Sun/Mon= Weekend if Mon is a holiday)
• $1.50 per rider per day for Weekday competitive events

Can't run a BRAC race without paying the LA Surcharge that goes to BRAC.

making money

Putting on a race takes a TON of effort, especially if they are high quality races like this weekend. I certainly hope the promoters are making some money for the considerable time they put into it.

Put on a race please - we want you to get rich!

Those expenses were for a minimal expense spring race series, not an internationally sanctioned event with the top pros in the country.

We would like you to go ahead and put on a world class race then and get rich! We'll all enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, you may not get rich due to the crazy amount of additional expenses including advertisement, what it takes to getting the top pros in the country to Boulder, the venue fees, the damage deposit, the UCI officials costs and licensing expenses, the hours spent filling out forms and dealing with the UCI to begin with just to get on the calendar a year ago.
When you don't get rich, you can count on a bunch of anonymous people making wild assumptions about how you've been ripping them off with exhorbanant fees and insinuating that they are running off with tens of thousands of dollars for a measly bike race. You can take heart though in the hundreds of athletes who had an awesome experience at a national caliber class event that raise the bar for all and gave us an awesome event to compete in followed by the ability to watch the best in the country show us how its done!

Cat 4 or 5

Without knowing more about your experience, you probably need to sign up as a 4 or 5. If you are not a USAC member, you are definitely going to be a 5. If you are a member, you should be able to log in to the USAC site and find out what category you are for cross. It's not like A, B, C races where you can just kind of choose a cat to race in, you need to race as whatever category you are classified as.

Good luck, have fun and hope to see you out there!

Looks like you will be racing

Looks like you will be racing Cat 5. If you don't have a USAC license be ready to pony up $10 more for a one day.

Have you been going to the wed races? Save your 1 day receipts and apply that to an annual license. Only within the same calendar year though.