2013 - Colorado Cross Classic p/b Raleigh Bicycles

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Pre-Registration: Online at www.PreRace.com. (No surcharge). Second Race $25 Online reg. closes Thursday, October 10th, Noon MST.

Number Pickup: Number pick-up at RockyMounts 2055 26th St-Boulder on 10/11 from 5pm-8:30pm

Race Day Registration: $10 Extra. Opens at race course at 7:15am (Priority given to 8:00am start wave) and closes 40 minutes before start time). No Race Day registration for UCI racers.

3.5K (2.2 miles) long. Start/Finish area is open and smooth. The course will have a double pit. 10% Sand, 15% Pavement, 75% Grass/Dirt .Rain or Shine.

2013 - Colorado Cross Classic p/b Raleigh Bicycles


Saturday, October 12, 2013



Big Business

Oh that's right, bike racing is a "business" and you are a "customer", which would make you always right. I guess we will have to start paying all those race volunteers for their time serving the customers. Chris G & Boups- how much is it going to cost to pay the more than 50 volunteers for their hours this weekend? Minimum wage ok? Probably need to raise entry fees up a bit as they are artificially low with all that volunteer labor.

Looks like 37 volunteers

Looks like 37 volunteers signed up for Boulder Cup. Volunteers are being compensated with race entry. So $40-$50 value so about $10 an hour. Tear down might be less that 5 hours. Good deal for both sides. $0 payout for both sides.

Looks like you are pulling

Looks like you are pulling numbers out of your axx again and doing some oversimplified assumptions, how many total volunteers do you think they will need to meet the true customers needs? And probably going to take more than a 5hr volunteer session for a race day that runs from 8am until 5pm? Is there overtime pay for 10+hr days? How much volunteer time is needed to prep and set course? And who is going to feed the volunteers... Maybe some volunteer sandwich makers. Probably need to do a lot of cleanup and course repair after? Are volunteers running the registration and website?

Definitely a good deal for the volunteers and a very fair business model.

000PS, your wrong again.

Here is the real time Volunteer info you are looking for. Yes, the 'blocks' of time are 5.25 hours. But being so omnipotent you already knew that........... ooops, guess not. CCC will take all the time you want to give though. Don't limit yourself. Aaron and Chris will surely email you right back with answers to your questions. Make sure you go straight to the source like Aaron told you too. Hope you signed up for a slot and put your money where you mouth is.


Go to the Google drive.

What is the going pay rate

What is the going pay rate for a volunteer coordinator, registration coordinator, course director, sponsorship coordinator?

Any bike promotion business would clearly need these paid positions during the months ahead of their event. Just wondering what folks have been getting paid on the current marketplace?

BRAC Numbers down from last year...

Overall BRAC numbers at Cross races are down 10-15%. Not sure if just different races scheduled, the Flood or less people interested? Maybe smaller groups will be easier to manage and not get riders pulled? Valmont is a fun course but we have already raced on it a few times this year.

Maybe won't be pulling riders

Maybe won't be pulling riders? From reading this thread, I'd say that there are quite a few folks who have no interest in registering for any of the "UCI" races unless they announce in advance that they won't pull lapped riders in the lower classes, especially the combined groups. I know I won't.

They don't, but that's not

They don't, but that's not the point. The issue is whether they intend to pull lapped riders in those races where there are multiple categories racing at the same time.

For example, the 55+ group starts 2 minutes after the 45+ group. With almost absolute certainty, the slowest 7 or 8 55+ racers WILL get caught by the fastest 45+ racers, likely within 3 laps. Very good chance they won't get caught by the fastest 55+ racers. Does it seem right to get pulled because you got caught by someone maybe 12-15 years your junior AND who was given a head start? I don't think it's right.

Why don't the 55+ get grouped

Why don't the 55+ get grouped with the 45+_4 or 35+_4 instead of the 45+ open race to lessen the chance of getting lapped? If you put aside the age based categories, maybe ability wise there is some overlap with masters categories and age based boxes are not the most effective way to use a race day? But yeah getting lapped early sucks.

Seems like this would be a decision made by a race official, not the race, and partly based on the total number of riders on course...

45+_4 or 35+_4 shouldn't be

45+_4 or 35+_4 shouldn't be grouped with anyone else. They are big enough alone.

No one should get pulled. Modern timing systems can handle lapped riders.

The race director can make that call and should. PR disaster to pull riders. Dumb move to put 45+_4 or 35+_4 together for this weekend anyway.

Riders should only be pulled in the top races cause they are out of contention and riders racing for $1000s deserve a clean course.

Dangerous riders can be pulled to but how rare is that.

BRAC numbers are the same

BRAC numbers are the same even with a flood and opening weekend with 90+ weather.

"Overall BRAC numbers at Cross races are down 10-15%. Not sure if just different races scheduled, the Flood or less people interested?"

Where you getting you false numbers....FOX?

Numbers are the same this year.

There have been 9 weekend events at this time in 2012 & 2013 and one less BtB this year.

Taking the top 3 BtB and 9 weekend races of 2012 the total # is 3855.

Taking the 3 BtB and the 9 weekend races of 2013 the total is 3847.

To assume anything would be that Cross continues to be the Front Range's favorite cycling and numbers will continue to grow.

Nations is in Boulder Baby!!

Colorado Cross Classic

Thanks for participating in this discussion. Please understand that every racer (person) is different and NO event will satisfy 100% of the participants. However, both the Colorado Cross Classic and the Boulder Cup have made valiant efforts to satisfy as many as possible, while providing a top-notch, internationally sanctioned event.
In regards to some of the complaints expressed here, please allow me to explain some of the constraints we are up against and efforts we have taken to provide an excellent race experience for amateur and pro racers alike.
Both promoters have secured famous, expensive venues and designed courses to take advantage of the maximum course length allowed by the sanctioning bodies. Besides making for a more exciting course, this also helps reduce the potential for lapped and pulled riders as much as possible. Limited daylight means that not every amateur category can have its own separate start time. The decision to pull lapped riders is up to the Chief Referee who has to balance the desire to give everyone a full race against safety concerns. I will discuss reducing the number of pulled riders to as few as possible with our Chief Ref. However, this is ultimately up to him.
The Colorado Cross Classic and Boulder Cup races annually bring in the top US talent to Boulder. Unfortunately this is not free and we have rules, permitting limitations, and expenses that local races do not have to deal with (e.g. apply and pay for UCI Inscription, UCI minimum prize purses, pay for UCI official lodging, pay to participate in the RideClean program, etc.). At the same time and similar to almost every race you attend, most of the people you see out there working the race – from registration to course marshalls to those responsible for designing the course – are volunteering their time so that you can enjoy a great day racing and spectating in Boulder. If you have constructive ideas on how to make it better, all volunteers are welcome to help!
I am listening and open to hearing your concerns. However, it is a bit disappointing that in spite of race promoter contact info being included on (every) race flyer, I have not been contacted directly by anyone regarding the issues discussed on this forum.
Please come and race our races with a positive attitude and a love for the game, we’ll provide your playground…
Volunteer Director and Promoter, Colorado Cross Classic

I think they always pay for it

I believe at UCI races they always pay the fee for the drug testing program, and testers may or may not show up. It's like insurance. Everyone pays in, but not everyone uses it all the time. Since there is the possibility for them to show up, they have an area noted on the map for them.


The RideClean program participation is mandatory for all UCI Inscripted races. There is no guarantee that testing will be performed at any particular race. In the past any race that was tested was on the hook for a huge sum, this program spreads out the costs.

Rider Complaints

Boups, right on. Most riders don't know the work that goes into producing a race. They only want a positive experience, which the promoter tries to provide. Pulling lapped riders is a tough decision the Chief Referee makes and he/she doesn't take that responsibility lightly. When I was a CR I didn't enjoy that task, but it is part of the job. It is the CR's responsibility to protect the leaders in the race, whether they be racing for money or those so valuable points.
Cyclocross racing in Colorado is both a blessing and a curse. You as a participant get to enjoy the best 'cross racing in the United states. Whether it be the courses, terrain, promotion, etc. You are blessed. However, there are so many of you who want to enjoy the cross experience that overcrowded courses become commonplace, and the norm. Hence the curse, lapped and/or pulled riders.
My suggestion: come down to Arizona and race. The courses are not as grand but just as long and difficult. We don't have the mass of competitors you have, so everyone gets the full cross experience. We have a slate of ten races in the state series. The race closest to Colorado is a two day race in Flagstaff, October 25-26. Flagstaff is at 8000' so you can't say your Colorado tough concerning the altitude. It has already snowed in Flagstaff so the weather will be 'cross weather. Come and play with us, you will have fun.

Brilliantly stupid suggestion

Brilliantly stupid suggestion.

If your not old enough to ride in a masters category, you don't have a choice to pick a slower category. If you ARE old enough to ride masters, you can move to a younger category, but it will be faster, not slower. The one exception would be for a 55+ rider who's a 4 but who should be ranked higher. Racing 45+ 4 will be marginally slower than the 55+. That won't help because that group starts behind the 35+ 4s .

For the mid-to-back of the pack 55+ riders, the best way to help prevent being lapped by the top 45+ racers is to enter the 45+ race. At least that way you aren't giving them that 2 min head start

That question has been

That question has been answered. It's the chief ref's call. The promoters have made the laps as long as possible, to make it harder to get lapped in the first place. They can ask the ref to be as lenient as possible, but it comes down to the ref's discretion.

That is not an answer. Has

That is not an answer. Has the promoter called the referee or the referee given an answer? Not yet.

There is no legit reason to pull mass riders at an amature race. All slower rides are not 'unsafe', scoring should be able to handle the race (if not the why $50 and called top US race), a freak fast lap could eliminate people racing for CUP points at a gold race (30 deep).

Someone with a poor start can still win their group. If you are in the second group then that could mean 1/2 lap down from the first group leader at race start.

Passing riders is a staple of racing. USAC should be about customer service and not rule mongering or bs muscle flexing.