2013 - Colorado CX Championships

Check out this video clips below. Some great bike racing action from all different categories of racers. Looked like two epic days of cyclocross racing.


- Day 1
- Day 2

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- Shot Williams - Saturday
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State CX Championship 2013 highlights from John Deibert on Vimeo.

2013 Colorado State CX Championships - 45+ 4 from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

Course Description
An amazing Colorado course! Flowing, wide Course, allowing for plenty of passing and multiple lines. Stair run-up, barrier barrage, and punishing grass section. Paved climbs mixed in with technical off camber descents and power sections guaranteed to challenge every level of rider.

There will be a SM 5 race at the same time as the SM4 race. SM5 Will start behind the 4's and race at the same time. This will give beginners the experience of racing in a state championship race. No state designation for this event. Registration is same day with no day of penalty.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013
Sunday, December 15, 2013



I'll give you a topic, discuss...

There are some juniors, particularly 17-18 year olds, who can clearly handle elite amateur racing. At the 15-16 year old range, there are some, but far fewer than the 17-18 year olds. For a 15 year old who can whoop up on the 3's most days, what should take precedence, age or results? Should we hold 'em back in the 3s to allow them to develop/mature before moving up, or do we push them into the elites and make room in the 3s for those who wouldn't otherwise podium to have a shot at glory?


These particular racers need to move to categories that match their abilities, that will give them a challenge and allow them to continue to develop.

It would be sad to have them stay in the current situation, stagnate, sandbag, kill their rep, and disrupt the integrity of the sport.


The no-mandatory upgrade for

The no-mandatory upgrade for Juniors is a USAC rule. I think they would have a better handle on Junior development than you.

What is your USAC coaching level? How many Juniors do you currently coach? How many Juniors have you coached in your life? My guess is zero. There is a reason that USAC/BRAC has the rule.

Moral Compass

Front Range bike racing suffers from a lack of morals and ethics already. To many people only care about themselves. To many racers have or are crossing certain lines to get an edge on the competition or using the lack of rules to justify their actions.

Looks like you need to check your moral compass. That is what really matters.

There is no shortage of stories from the Front Range alone. It is gruesome to see all the bad stories on a list.

Blown out of proportion

A 15 year old wins 3 SM races, almost all of which had less than 30 racers and everyone is judging his moral character? Really? Beating 20 "adults" and toss him to the PRO's before he can drive. Lets quit preaching about morality and start talking about perspective. If its my kid I'm not convinced he's ready for all of that. We've bleed our SM3 and SM4 fields down so much with all of the masters that they aren't nearly as competitive and deep as they were years ago. Therefore, the jump from 3 to PRO/1.2 is bigger than it used to be. I think it's ironic that some comments say "thinking of themselves" - don't the people who complain about sandbaggers fit into that category?

Boulder is not Belgium

Racing with guys faster than you is how you get better. Truthfully the really good people are usually out of town and the full time "elites" are not that crazy fast. It would be another story if we were talking about throwing them into a world cup where guys are literally fighting for a paycheck but for the most part the elites are just really fast amateurs and show excellent sportsmanship. I'd be OK putting my 15 year old in the mix. Perhaps they finish mid-pack for a year or two, but that's better than smashing 3's every weekend.

YES. BRAC take notice.

Yes. But there is more to it. These riders have been hitting the podium all season. Certain JR riders have mandatory upgrade points!! From their SR cat only! Winner of the SM 3 at states yesterday has these places in SM3 this season: 1,1,1,2,3,4,5. That is 25 points = mandatory up grade. Mandatory even before states. But I see the astrict in the upgrade section.

It's not a loop hole in the

It's not a loop hole in the rule. It IS the rule and it exists for a reason. As has been pointed out, the 'no mandatory upgrades for Jr,s' rule was put in place by people with a bunch more experience in developing Jr racers than you or me.

Frankly, I don't see why you care. It's not going to be you on the podium if that kid upgrades. Why should it matter to you if he podiums a lot?

Prove me wrong and post your race results where you were 4th when he was there, or 3rd or better when he wasn't.

It's pitiful that you'd resort to an argument about ethics or morality or sportsmanship just because you've gotten schooled by a 15 year old all season. Man up.

Damn, "Randy", that was

Damn, "Randy", that was savage.

Let me share a story, maybe it'll help the anonymous posters who're worried about the ethical development of some kid who's not their's. Just another perspective for their consideration.

I moved to CO in early '94, super excited to try my hand at track racing. It was only my 4th of racing at all and I started in my early-30s, so I had no delusions of grandeur. I just loved racing and wanted to race whenever I could. Even though I didn't quite make it to cat 2 before switching to 35+, I used to regularly talk race promoters in AZ to let me race in the cat 1/2 crits.even though my license said "3".

My first few races on the track were done on rental bikes, but once I was sure I wanted to stick with it, I bought my own track bike. I raced that entire season in the 4s, sometimes actually making it into the top 3 in some of my races. But, in every race there was this 14 year old kid racing with us. I didn't know him, or know anything about him. I'd heard he had won some national titles in his age-group in previous years. All I knew was he was fast, he beat me in every race, and rather than resent his presence, I was motivated to try to beat him.

Fast forward a year, I'm racing in the 3s now. Who's there but that kid again, but now he's 15. I was way better than the year before, but still I couldn't beat him. Not once.

Who was he? Mike Creed. Yeah, THAT Mike Creed.

I don't know Eric Brunner, but while he won the Sr 3 race, he didn't win the 15-16 age group. I don't know, but met Evan Crouse briefly at the RLW race. He seemed very quiet and reserved, nice kid. Not all cocky. He didn't win either the 3s or his age-group, but he has podiumed a lot. If he's who folks are concerned about the ethical or moral development of, don't.

Here's the thing, you can resent those kids being in "your" group, as if you've got a right to be there and they don't. It won't get you anywhere. If anything, it will hold you back.

Or, you could use them to motivate you, push you harder, be a better racer trying to just once beat them. Then, if you're lucky, when they make it big, they can be your "Mike Creed" and you can tell stories about how you used to race against them.

All this talk about Jr's

All this talk about Jr's whooping up in the 3's got my curiosity going. Check it yourself--you had to go all the way to 14th to get to the first racer in his early 20's. A few late 20's, a couple of 18 (19 for cross) and the rest 15-17 year olds dominating the 3's.

For all those 30-something racers who think the Jr's should upgrade, a hint: you're not going to make it big someday. Stop complaining about losing to a bunch of children. It's not manly.

I don't get it

What about racing Open aren't the juniors ready for? The long post-race press conferences? The incredible pressure to perform? The lucrative endorsement deals? They're super fast, really good at racing bikes. That won't change in Opens. If they want a harder race that offers more glory, they should race up. Otherwise enjoy owning cat 3 until you turn 18. Nothing lasts forever.

I think someone else said it.

I think someone else said it. The jump from 3 to 4 is not that big (at least in Colorado). It is a much bigger jump from 3 to 2 (or Open).

There's a reason USAC instituted the rule not mandating an upgrade for Juniors.

I guess all the 3s should prepare themselves for the Juniors racing road this summer. My guess is that we will hear the same whining.

One of the main reasons there

One of the main reasons there are provisions for voluntary but not mandatory upgrading for juniors is that not all juniors will have the emotional/psychological maturity to deal with racing in the elite categories, or even the cat 3s. Some may be able to handle it, and for those people, they can move up voluntarily if their parents/coaches are in agreement that it's the right thing for them. For those younger racers who aren't quite ready to move up, it's perfectly reasonable to allow them to race in the 4s or 3s until they're ready. Forcing a physically talented but not equally mature young racer to race in the elite ranks before they're ready is a recipe for disaster.

Humbled and Impressed

I can't believe that anyone is complaining about having talented juniors winning their cat. This is the future/lifeline of our sport. We are all so lucky to have these kids racing in CO with us. Be humbled and impressed by these talented riders and feel lucky to ride in a race with these future stars of cycling. Someday you"ll be able to say you remember the day you got your butt kicked by Eckmann, Hecht, Brunner, or any other of the numerous great juniors that are growing up racing next to us!

More Reasons

I coach several of the junior riders mentioned here and I'll give my perspective for why I recommend they remain in Cat 3. The Men's Open races are significantly faster, longer, and more aggressive than a Cat 3 race. *Significantly.* Some of these elements are good challenges for exceptional junior riders. But they can also be too much, causing a junior to lose confidence, become overly exhausted, get burnt out, and spiral downward. Riders who are 15-16 might be capable of dabbling in a couple Open races, and some of them do, but they should remain a Cat 3 so they can race an appropriate length and speed race most of the time. Riders who are 17-18 are in a similar situation, but can race in the Open more often if capable. Yet even they should still remain a Cat 3 so they are not forced to race every single weekend in the Open. Even veteran riders get pretty toasted doing this. There are exceptions for the occasional world-class junior as we've seen, but this is very rare.The reason the faster juniors don't confine their racing to the BRAC junior age group races is two-fold: 1) There are not enough kids at a high level to make a full-sized 15-16 or 17-18 field and they end up racing the same handful of guys over and over and getting stale. They can almost "mail in" the results. They love racing the adults and have some great battles. 2) These junior groups are typically staged behind another category, like 45+, SM 4 or SM 5, thus they don't have an open track to race against each other and similar level adults they way they do in a Cat 3 race which has its own start time and a clear track.

So I hope this helps explain it a bit! Pete

Disagree -

When a Jr racer is setting the curve constantly and not part of the curve they need to find a different category. They are above "length and speed race".

Fragile egos are no excuse to give wins to jrs.

I don't see the parents/coaches of top JRs being concerned about burn out. Exactly the opposite. Racing twice a day, racing both weekend days, and going every weekend.


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